Oh, I do hate it when I agree with a liberal Politico article. But, Roger Simon writes an article about the so-called “Dream Act” that I am compelled to agree with. If it is, as he asserts, simply a pathway to citizenship that will take 5 years, why would anyone be against it? While I do want the borders patrolled, the fence built and the human smuggling stopped, I cannot help but have compassion for the people who desperately want out of a corrupt and poverty stricken society.

Were I in the same position, I too would try to get my family over that border. I don’t wish to reward law breakers, but I also don’t want to punish those who have not done anything wrong. And children who have been brought here by their parents cannot be held responsible for the actions of those parents. How could we think to deport someone who was brought here at age 3, and has never known anything other than the United States?

I have long thought that if the children of illegals were to finish high school, (see I’m more generous than the Dream Act), they and their parents should receive citizenship. I have this naive belief that if educated the likelihood of gang and criminal activity is reduced and the prospect of a contributing member of society is heightened. I do believe that those who wish for citizenship should espouse American values, including but not limited to, adopting English as the official language, paying taxes, and yes, obeying the laws of the land. A felony conviction, would revoke your green card. However I refuse to believe that this is a red/blue issue. This is a human issue, and its about time members of Congress started acting a little more humane!