When you are such a well-known brand, with virtually nothing left for voters to learn about you, can you really change enough minds to overcome numbers like these?

An ABC News/Washington Post poll indicates that nearly six in ten Americans say they wouldn’t even consider voting for Palin if she runs. Eight percent of the people questioned in the survey, which was released Friday, say they would definitely back Palin in 2012 if she runs and 31 percent say they would consider supporting her.

The 59 percent who flatly rule out Palin is 16 points higher than the 43 percent in the survey who say they wouldn’t consider voting to re-elect President Barack Obama in 2012. It’s also 17 points higher than the 42 percent of the public who said they wouldn’t vote for then Sen. HIllary Clinton in the last presidential election.

The poll also indicates that 27 percent of people voted for the John McCain-Palin ticket in the 2008 election, as well as nearly three in ten Republicans and four in ten conservatives, and four in ten evangelical white Protestants say they wouldn’t consider Palin for president.

In politics you start with your base. They are the ones who stick with you, even on the bad days of gaffes and missteps. Then you win by capturing one more vote from the middle than the other guy. These numbers suggest the red flags should be flying and the alarms ringing for Palin.