I simply don’t understand her appeal. I didn’t understand it when she won the nomination for senate in Delaware. I didn’t understand it when some on PD blamed her loss, before she’d actually lost, on the state and national GOP. I certainly don’t get it now that the campaign has ended. Why is she being invited to speak? Who in their right mind is paying to hear her? Christine, you’re no Sarah.

This is her latest gem:

I don’t have much of an opinion about Anderson Cooper. He certainly seems like a decent journalist. In this case I could not agree with him more. O’Donnell displays stunning insensitivity with these remarks. You may not have agreed with Elizabeth Edwards’ politics, or the way she ran her husband’s campaign, but to equate her death with a political hot potato is shallow. Even for someone who dabbled in witchcraft. Christine O’Donnell, please go away.