Here’s an entertaining look back at the 10 worst decisions of 2010. As Politico says, these aren’t to be confused with gaffes. These are bone-headed decisions that changed story lines forever.

No matter where you stand on the Michael Vick saga, no sane person would suggest he should have been executed for running a dog fighting ring. Enter Tucker Carlson.

What Vick does was horrible and he paid his price in more ways than one. But in this country we save executions for people who kill other people.

Tucker Carlson is either an 8-year-old boy pretending to be an adult in a big boy suit he swiped from his father, or he’s a complete idiot.

As we stare into the eyes of 2011, PD would love to hear your predictions for the biggest political stories of 2011. In the comments, leave a few headlines that will captivate the political world in the next 12 months.

Merry Christmas, all. It’s been quiet around the track lately. Hope none of our contributors were kidnapped by Santa.

Here’s a piece from Jeff Jacoby worth reading and debating.

With the release of the 2010 Census data, the decennial rejiggering of the nation’s political map has begun. Eight states will be gaining seats in the US House of Representatives, while 10 states’ House delegations will shrink. Among the winners are Texas, where the number of residents has soared by 4.3 million since the 2000 Census; Utah, whose population is up more than 530,000; and Washington, which has grown 14 percent, to 6.7 million.

It stands to reason that states with more people are allotted more House seats. That is exactly what the Framers intended, as James Madison made clear in Federalist No. 55. “I take for granted,’’ he wrote, “that the number of representatives will be augmented from time to time in the manner provided by the Constitution.’’

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Below is another update from my cousin in Afghanistan. I’ve posted these from time-to-time and thought this week might be especially interesting. Let us all be grateful on Christmas morning that there are good men and women like Derek all around the world defending America, her people, and her allies.

I’m sure he’d appreciate a short encouraging note if you had the time.

A large group of squadron members are sitting in our new lounge, watching Christmas Vacation and reminiscing of the last time we put up as many lights as Chevy Chase for Christmas. I think it the second or third time since setting up the lounge a couple of days ago, but the movie never gets old. Or maybe it does, but it allows us to think of any quirky trait of our families, of any funny relationship we have back at home, and the corny things that make those relationships worth what they are to us.

We have received the daily gifts for the 12 days of Christmas, and they have been awesome. There is something there for all of us, and we are excited to get the remainder of the goodies over the next 3 days. The only disappointment was when we found out that the ‘coal’ was really lava rocks painted like coal, serving little/no purpose in our fire pit.

While many units here in theater are taking a small break, we are not slowing down a bit. No days off, no down time, no break from our Groundhog Day routine. But that is OK, as we would prefer to be engaged in what has us far from home at this time, and to have a mission to focus on instead of what we are missing at home with family and friends. What that means for each of you is that the call home on Christmas may not be exactly at the optimum time, or may not be of the desired length, but all should have a chance to call at some point. So please don’t tie up the lines ordering us any last minute gifts. They are not necessary.

Our new building is working out fine, although it is just like anytime you buy a house. You start to move in the furniture, and realize that it looked much bigger empty than filled with your stuff. The building has indoor plumbing most of the time, with the occasional water outage. But that is OK, we have a ‘cadillac’ close by, which is a portable shower/bathroom trailer for our camp. I used it for the first time today, and when I went inside, I could only think of Ocho or Gofur doing a Chris Farley impersonation from “Tommy Boy” when he was trying to change clothes in an airliner bathroom. Pretty small working space. But they are still better than the outhouses, which smell great during the summer. For the rest of our building, some rocket surgeon decided that white was a good color for the walls, doors, and, well everything. They are now an uneven brown color from all of the dust here. We are looking at how we can cover the brown up with some art work or something.

As the type of flying has slowed down recently, we have had the chance to go to other parts of the country, and it is a shame that a booming tourist industry has not taken hold here. Sapper and I flew north just as the sun was rising, and we could see 18-22 thousand-foot peaks off to the east, all snow-capped an ominous, but beautiful. We overflew an area of canyons and mountain lakes that resembled the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and the rough mountains of our own country, and it made us homesick. As we fly over some of these mountainous areas, we marvel at the agricultural fields at elevations above the state of Colorado, and wonder if those farmers struggling to eke out an existence even knew we were there, or if they just assumed we were just more Soviet Aircraft from the 80s. I’m sure none of them have ever seen the effects of electricity or a telephone, and I’d bet that despite the harsh living conditions, there is a level of happiness and simplicity that is envious. But I’ll keep my flush toilets, electric blankets, and the world wide web. I guess we have to find simplicity in other ways. Like dumb jokes, dark chocolate, and cigars for many.

We hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas time, or whatever this holiday season means for you. We miss each of you, but look forward to roasting a pig in April, and not returning to this place for some time to come. But for now, we still have some unfinished business. Until next time.

Oh, I do hate it when I agree with a liberal Politico article. But, Roger Simon writes an article about the so-called “Dream Act” that I am compelled to agree with. If it is, as he asserts, simply a pathway to citizenship that will take 5 years, why would anyone be against it? While I do want the borders patrolled, the fence built and the human smuggling stopped, I cannot help but have compassion for the people who desperately want out of a corrupt and poverty stricken society.
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Editors’ Note: A warm and fuzzy welcome to P.J. Shannon, a new member of the PD crew. Play nice!

Much to the shock and amazement of nearly everyone I know (or at least my mother and the elderly gentleman that works at Wawa), another year “has just flown by” and “Christmas is just around the corner”. Despite the fact that December 25th, 2010, will actually take place on the exact rotation of the Earth that was determined at the dawn of time, most people treat the onset of the holiday season as though it has been surgically uprooted from the calendar and dropped in between August 10th and 11th.
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Julian Assange, Wikileaker extraordinaire, is somewhat the enigma. His appearance is, at best, unimpressive. In fact, his visage screams “metrosexual” with the subtlety of a train horn on a still summer’s eve. His sexual preference is in question even while he’s accused of raping two women. Assange is both a heroic freedom-fighter and a treasonous lout, depending on who you ask and when. Perhaps he is equally both and yet neither, all the while turning American politics on its ear.

Regressives cheered when Assange’s Wikileaks exposed information that endangered key allies and operations in Afghanistan. Kudos for open government, they crowed. To hear Regressives tell it, protecting domestic constitutional liberties meant knowing everything our military was planning on the other side of the world. Of course, contemporary Regressives would’ve considered leaking the U.S. military’s big secret on June 5, 1944 as an act of patriotism, too. Conservatives (and some Regressives) liken Assange to the second coming of the Rosenbergs, even encouraging the CIA to punch his ticket.
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When you are such a well-known brand, with virtually nothing left for voters to learn about you, can you really change enough minds to overcome numbers like these?

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Do people who would be considered hoity toity, use the word “hoity toity?”

The fight is long from over, and it is only speculation as to whether this is the first victory against Obamacare or only a temporary advancement, but the insurance mandate in President Obama’s healtcare law today stands as unconstitutional. So says U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson in Richmond, Virginia when he states that the individual mandate of the act:

exceeds the constitutional boundaries of congressional power.”

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President Obama, facing the quintessential political Sophie’s Choice, has reached a “compromise” with the Republicans on the extension of the Bush-era tax cuts. He has essentially caved to all their demands, and is putting forth a proposal that includes extension of not only the liberals’ coveted class-warfare “middle-class tax cuts,” but also extension of the lower top-tier tax rate for highest 2% of the earners, or as liberals refer to them, “Tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.”

Of course, what Democrats either don’t understand or refuse to admit are that the top earners already pay the vast majority of the income taxes in this country and that this top 2% earning bloc actually represents something like a third of the discretionary consumer spending in the economy. When billionaire John Kerry buys yet another vacation mansion, who do Democrats think hires the workers who build it? Supplies the materials? Runs the wiring? Installs the heating/AC? Paves the driveway? Plants the shrubs? (Ok, forget that last one…..) This can be explained by an advanced theory known as “How an economy works.” When people buy stuff, other people have to work to make it happen. If you reduce buying power, you reduce economic activity. Not too hard a concept to grasp.
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I simply don’t understand her appeal. I didn’t understand it when she won the nomination for senate in Delaware. I didn’t understand it when some on PD blamed her loss, before she’d actually lost, on the state and national GOP. I certainly don’t get it now that the campaign has ended. Why is she being invited to speak? Who in their right mind is paying to hear her? Christine, you’re no Sarah.

This is her latest gem:

I don’t have much of an opinion about Anderson Cooper. He certainly seems like a decent journalist. In this case I could not agree with him more. O’Donnell displays stunning insensitivity with these remarks. You may not have agreed with Elizabeth Edwards’ politics, or the way she ran her husband’s campaign, but to equate her death with a political hot potato is shallow. Even for someone who dabbled in witchcraft. Christine O’Donnell, please go away.

There are some out there that say aside from President of the United States and editor of, that the coolest job in politics is to be mayor of New York City.

Seriously, how many mayors are as well known as the mayor of the Big Apple?

Or governors for that matter.

Heck, there were rumors that a couple years after he left the White House, that Big Willie Style himself, Bill Clinton, was interested in running for mayor’s seat. OF course I think that’s because he saw the pool of potential interns as a tad bit stronger than in D.C.

That brings us to the current emperor… er, mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg.

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Women should stay home, sweep floors, prepare meals and bear their master’s children. Changing diapers and baking brownies; that’s a women’s role. Women should be seen in public only when posing for the Victoria’s Secret catalog. Isn’t that how Regressives would have you believe Conservatives view women?

This theory sounds insane, but it has a solid foundation. Conservatives recognize and accept reality. Men and women are genetically, physically and emotionally dissimilar. Sorry! That’s just how it is, has been and—genetic engineering aside—will remain. When Conservatives mention these facts Regressives play the sex card. However, the sex card is flawed beyond repair.
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This fits Huckabee’s profile perfectly:

Politico: Mike Huckabee wants some respect

Huck’s always struck me as the guy who didn’t win the race for class president and whined about it for four years. “But I promised new vending machines in the cafeteria! I pledged to make freshmen more cool!”

I’m curious to hear from Team Sarah supporters. If she doesn’t run, or runs and fades, could you support Huck as your second choice?

Merry groping!


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Hat tip to Troy La Mana for passing along this classic about the TSA, set to the tune of “Home for the Holidays.”

This week I was visiting a nursing home, (I belong to a small group that performs at Christmas for the homes in our area), and I came across a very proper and very old woman who was reading “The Politician” by Andrew Young.

Yes, this is the tell-all book by John Edward’s former aide. I asked her if it was any good and she said, “Oh yes, its very good. Do you know I made the mistake of voting for him once!” She was so horrified. (insert laughter here.) I said that “he had fooled a lot of people.” She gravely answered, “oh yes, he did” and shook her head as she said it, clearly upset. As I walked away I commented to my friend that I thought it was interesting how mature women often vote for the best looking candidate, rather than the best candidate. (Don’t shoot me for generalizing please.)
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Mitt Romney’s visit to The Tonight Show featured a little joke about his potential candidacy:

Speculation has swirled over whether Republican former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will run for president in 2012, and in a late night television appearance Wednesday he said it will be clear when and if he’s throwing his hat in the ring.

“If you ever see me sign up for a gig on Fox News, it’ll be a clear indication that I’ve decided to run for president,” Romney joked on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” a reference to the five potential 2012 candidates that appear on the network. “That’s not in the cards anytime soon, thanks.”

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