Is Hillary done?


Filed Under Races 2010 on Nov 30 

Is this the end of the possible Clinton spoiler run in 2012? Or anything beyond that?

In light of the Hillary thumbprint on the spookification of the Foreign Service, one has to wonder if she’ll hold down the current job of SoS – or even apply for the Bigger Office later.

Jack Shafer says she needs to resign.

David Corn says maybe, but more likely not.

We all know the unwritten rule in diplomatic circles is simply – “don’t get caught.” You need to have a veneer of respectability, however thin you wish to slice it. But there has to be a shred. And in light of the recent documents exposed, she “ain’t got none.”

But the bigger Q is this: could she survive it and still be electable in the future? If she is revealed to be a low-grade spymaster, who outside the US is going to take her seriously at her word? How can she ever represent the country to other leaders with any shred of authenticity and respectability?

Whether it’s a primary challenge in 2012, or her own run in 2016, she has to run on her record. And that record is turning very dark right now.