Is Hillary done?


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Is this the end of the possible Clinton spoiler run in 2012? Or anything beyond that?

In light of the Hillary thumbprint on the spookification of the Foreign Service, one has to wonder if she’ll hold down the current job of SoS – or even apply for the Bigger Office later.

Jack Shafer says she needs to resign.

David Corn says maybe, but more likely not.

We all know the unwritten rule in diplomatic circles is simply – “don’t get caught.” You need to have a veneer of respectability, however thin you wish to slice it. But there has to be a shred. And in light of the recent documents exposed, she “ain’t got none.”

But the bigger Q is this: could she survive it and still be electable in the future? If she is revealed to be a low-grade spymaster, who outside the US is going to take her seriously at her word? How can she ever represent the country to other leaders with any shred of authenticity and respectability?

Whether it’s a primary challenge in 2012, or her own run in 2016, she has to run on her record. And that record is turning very dark right now.


  • Red Bull Hats

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  • Brian H


    I hope you have not interpreted any of my disagreements with your views as not being appreciated. In fact, I find your perspective as a “foreigner” as one that is unique and interesting.

    • Whodat

      Except for Margaret Thatcher, Paul McCartney and Shakira – mostly Shakira – I cannot think of a thing that I would find interesting about a foreigner – especially in politics…

      • Brian H

        I agree with you about Thatcher, and especially Shakira, but as for “Sir Paul”….he bores me to tears.

        I disagree with you about the input of a “foreigner”. I find the fact that GO is more engaged in American politics than 90% of our own country extremely interesting. Yes, GO’s sentiments are often in line with the policies of Obama, but as you stated, that is because Obama styles himself in the mold of old Europe.

        GO engages and articulates a message and point of view that is needed in the PD community. There are American liberals who hold many of GO’s sentiments but they do not participate in this forum.

        I imagine that for most liberals the PD standard of no foul or obscene language and the attempt to maintain a mostly respectful discourse in the forum is simply too difficult of a standard for them to meet.

  • Brian H

    oops. One more thing.

    Hillary is the only positive thing about this administration. If he loses her he will be most definately finished in 2012. If she were to step aside it would give her a year to rebound, remove herself from the USS-Obama (Titanic) and make a nice run from 12 links back, the political Zenyatta.

  • Brian H

    I am just beginning to learn about the details of all of this as I have been preoccupied with Fantasy Football, so, I’ll admit off the top that I am not yet well read on what actually occured and what it ALL means. However, I will say this. I would be more disappointed if it had been revealed that we were not doing many of the things that these classified “leaks” seem to expose.

    Is this another example of fake moral outrage?

    Please educate me, friends.

    • German Observer

      No Brian, the problem is not, that all these reports do exist. Actually it is part of the job of diplomats to write down their assessments of situations and persons. I’m sure the foreign departments of all big countries do the same and anything else would be unprofessional and negligent. Every bet: the administrations of W., Clinton, Bush Senior, Reagan etc. did the same in one form or the other.

      The problem is: how could it happen, that these documents became accessible to the public? How and why was it possible that – as it actually appears to be in the moment – a twen had access, the possibility to make copies and reach it to Wikileaks? The publication of these information truly is, as someone put it, the 9/11 of diplomacy.

      The question is: could the same have happened under an other administration (put new technical possibilities aside) or is this the specific way the Obama-administration cares for secret and delicate information? Why did they not fill the leaks? Did they even know about them? If this is Hillarys responsibility, in my eyes she is done – as SoS, as VP and as potential candidate for the presidency.

      • Brian H

        Good explanation, GO. Much appreciated.

        I think you are dead on. As you stated, the concern should be how can this can happen so easily that “classified” docs are so accessible. I am not sure if this information leak is simply another one of the many by-products of an inept administration, but, it would not surprise me.

        What is very telling is Obama’s lack of a personal response, which seems to be his modus operandi when crisis situations occur. He is slow to respond to and often quick to make irrational bad decisions. The guy is simply befuddled from the job he was so clearly ill-prepared to have.

        • German Observer

          Brian, thanks for your appreciation, but – of course :-) – we don’t agree about Obamas style to react on crisises. This guy is a thinker, who gathers information, discusses with his advisors to get different view points, thinks about it and only then comes to conclusions. Thats what and how the president of the US should do. Read the last book of Woodward, which, among some delicate information about conflicts between the administration’s members descibes exactly hiw careful and elaborated the president acts. This is how it should be and what was a great lack in W.’s style.
          Plus, just because we don’t see, what happens, it does not tell, that nothing happens. I appreciate the style to do a lot of work backdoor, not in the public.

          RSE, thanks for your appreciation, too. This was one of the very rare occasions, where my view as a foreigner was appreciated. Usually I get reactions like “hey, you are a foreigner and we don’t care for foreigners’ views” :-)

          You nail it. The negative aspect about the publication is (among others), that trust diminishes. And trust is an important cornerstone in diplomacy and foreign policiy – esspecially, if you try to restore trust and credibility, which was destroyed in the Bush-years. And this has nothing to do with “Apologizer in chief” and all this nonsense, I occasionally have to read here.

          On the other hand: everyone, who sees Obama solely as the apologizer in chief, blame him to be naive atc. are taught, that “even” Obama and his administration cares for a clear and realistic view to the world. Surprising for some.

          Personally I, don’t belive in an act of sabotage against Hillary. First Obama himself is heavily damaged, regardless how deep he was involved personally. Second, the idea that Hillary could have challenged him in 2012 is naive. But the idea to offer her the VP-slot would have had some charm. And this becomes quite less probable.

        • German Observer

          Gary, wow! Yes, finally we found something we agree on – though I am sure that we would find quite a few more things to share the same oppinion about. After two or three years on PD and other blogs I’m convinced, that there are fundamental differences between the “US-American’s conservatives mainstream-view” (to put it in a short label) regarding basic questions and mine. But at the same time we share much more, than we think. But the matter is, that disagreements come to light easier – that’s the purpose of internet-plattforms like PD.

          One last note to that Wiki-thing: the desciptions of the German gouvernment published so far are really to the point! I had a few very good laughs, esspecially as our current foreign minister is concerned. But also the observations about our chancellor and most of our political heavywaights nail it. Your guys are good, they are really good :-)

          I’m eagerly waiting for reports about our former gouvernment (which I favoured), which may be published in the days to come.

      • Red State Eddio

        Thanks for your input, GO. You have a unique aspect on this in that you are viewing this from a foreigner’s perspective.

        I read in two other locations that this type of massive goof is actually going to set back liberal diplomacy precisely because libs want to flex every form of non-military action before even considering military options. In order for that to happen, words must carry some weight, which means privacy must be upheld. So with this disaster, the O-Child loses more verbal credibility (his supposed strength) and has less to work with and rely on.

        Whether it was a sabotage move to wipe out Hillary from any future primaries, or just a bone-headed mistake by naive liberal officials, it looks like amateur hour at the WH – three shows a day, and try the meatloaf before you leave.

      • Gary Russell

        G.O. ! !
        We are in agreement on something at last!
        Your thoughts on this are right on target.

        And I apologize if any of my disagreements have ever left you with the feeling that I don’t like foreigners. We’re all foreigners in one way or another.

      • Whodat

        You are a foreigner.
        Your country is socialist.
        Obama is a socialist.
        So, you like him. Well, duh!
        Your opinions are socialist.
        You get the same respect from me that I give Obomb, so you are certainly equal to a (perhaps)American on that!

        Say, how those EEC riots and financial failings coming? Gonna blame it on the Jews again this time? Why don’t you give us a long-worded, condescending explanation of the financial collapse of Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece and what next. I won’t read it, of course, but just knowing you posted it will help me sleep well… Sort of like having an economics text by my bed…


  • Red State Eddio

    In a bizarro world kind of spin, if she survives the fallout from this debacle, it could actually warm her to conservatives.

    Why? Because she actually gives a rip about the USA, as opposed to the Apologizer in Chief. If he was on any of those cables, we’d be reading stuff about how much property, money, munitions, or status he’s willing to give away to every 2-bit dictator who wears an “I heart Che” shirt.

    Hillary comes across looking like a sharp woman who, while crossing the line and getting caught, is truly out to protect and safeguard American assets. That could earn her chips in the security crowd.

    Anyone wanna go round the horn on that idea?

  • JE

    Hmmm. Obama got past his dem senate primary due to sudden revelation that his opponent who had a large lead was an accused wife beater. His gen election senate opponent was ahead until allegations of freakiness came out from his ex wife. Now hillary is looking like a good bet to take him out in the ’12 primary and suddenly we get revelation she is a spook wanna be and the same white house that shut down websites last week for selling knock off purses talks but does nothing about wikileaks.
    Anyone who believes obama’s luck is just that good or that there isn’t someone a whole lot smarter than him running things is in denial. I know 2 people who laughed when their high ranking union/mob friends offered to introduce them to obama while he was running for senate and told him the guy would be the next president. He isn’t laughing now. The republicans had better not count on the white house in 2012 unless they get their stuff together.

  • Whodat

    Among Demos, it won’t hurt Hillary.
    Did the Rev Wright friendship hurt Obomb?
    Did killing a woman in a car hurt Kennedy?
    Did being a member of the Klan hurt Byrd?
    Did Monica hurt Clinton’s popularity with Dems?
    Did a plethora of transgressions hurt Rangel?
    Did his dealings with Fannie & Freddie hurt Frank?

    Dems don’t care ’bout right and wrong.

    Hillary’s only real hurtle will be how to molify the blacks when their boy is pushed aside.

    • Gary Russell

      It might not hurt her in the primaries, but her goose is cooked in a general election.
      Her big bragging point her supposed international “street cred” and diplomatic abilities. All that is now highly suspect and appears to be very Mickey Mouse (or Goofy).

  • Gary Russell

    This is so tragic.

    I feel so bad for Hillary.

    How terrible that such a promising political career could go up in smoke.

    Happy National Sarcasm Day! :)