Agree? Disagree?



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  • East of Eden

    He’s sucked only slightly less than the guy he replaced….time to go Mikey. We need some one with spunk, fire and someone who will acutally go out and fight!

  • Brian H

    I agree with Whodat.

    Steele has said made some head scratching comments from time to time but overall he delivered BIG-Time in the 2010 mids. He deserves and has earned another term of leading this party.

  • Whodat

    I dunno. He can be a doo-fuss at times. But, he is a hard-working, enthusiastic doo-fuss!

    By numbers: if we are scoring him
    bad on the Senate wins – only +6?,
    then we must score him dang good on House – +63? and exceptional on the governors – +6?.

    On balance, I would say his batting average is All-Star.

    Dumping him would bring more internal cracks and would look bad to the few blacks who vote Republican. The Dems would use it as ammo for labeling conservatives as racist.

    We have challenges enough reconciling Tee-Bees and Blue Hairs, no need to add to the internal strife, me thinks.

    Me thinks better if the RNC simply mans up and excercises some control and lets him finish out his term.

    • Whodat

      Ooops! I meant “Tea-Bees”, of course, not “Tee-Bees”. I would never confuse the Tea Party Patriots, among whom I count myself, with those worthless, lazy, slovenly bums who do, on occasion, use the word, “Tee”, upon which they place an innocent little white ball and proceed to whack it with wild abandon. Reprehensible lot. I hope my daughter never marries one…

  • Troy La Mana

    I think the RNSC has a lot more blame here. If they would have stepped up I think the Senate might have gone Republican.

  • Gary Russell

    Whether you think that he has done a good job (if there is actually anyone who thinks that he has) or not, he is perceived by most as ineffective.
    Doesn’t mean that he is a bad person – just means that it is time for him to go.

    Replacement? Let’s see…who has a proven track record as an uber-effective fundraiser, a savvy media personality, and an effective recruiter of candidates? I think that her initials are S.P.?