Anyone disagree?

Republicans’ 2012 dark horse still has no name
By Chris Cillizza
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, November 21, 2010; 8:21 PM

Everyone loves a dark horse. And that goes double when it comes to presidential politics.

Although being crowned the front-runner in a fight for the presidential nod conveys some benefits (money and media attention, mostly), there is something the electorate loves about getting behind an unknown candidate and riding him (or her) from worst to first – or close to it.

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  • Brian H

    I, too, am a Jindal fan. No need to rush Rubio, he is not ready for the POTUS just yet but in a few years he will make his mark.

    2012 is looking quite nice but 2016 is looking AWESOME!

    ….to name a few

  • Rick Hendrix

    Of the four “no name but named” dark horses (good point, Whodat), I could support Pence and Rubio, although I don’t think either is going to run. I wouldn’t be enthusiastic about Santorum or Brown.

  • Red State Eddio

    WaPo? Fantasy picks…

    My dark horse – Bobby Jindal. I know the guy looks like a Pakistani version of Alfred E Neuman, but the man is sharp, competent, and sounding more and more executive and professional every day. The way he’s blasting the O-Child for the incompetent failures with the BP spill shows me he’s unafraid to take on the establishment.

    He’s got it, and I say keep building on it until fall 2011, then see what Iowa looks like by then.

  • Brian H

    I like Plain, but, not since reading my own posts on PD have I seen a person who can say so many words while saying so little of substance. It is a true art, indeed.

    The problem I have with Palin and her “time tested truths” is that, first of all, I don’t know what the “time tested truths” are, second, I learn nothing from Palin when she speaks.

    I know I agree with much of her sentiments but she brings little to the table as far as being to substantively grasp complex issues and being able to intellectually and articulately demonstrate the conservative ideology.

    Over the last three weeks I have been watching FOX Reports about the “Rise of Conservatism”.

    Conservative intellectuals like William F. Buckley, Brent Bozell, and, yes, Ronald Reagan. Reagan was intellectually and articulately able to increase share the principles and philosophies of the conservative movement. Reagan had made a name for himself because of his abilities as the “Great Communicator” were noticed early on.

    It is funny how liberals tried to portray Reagan as a puppet for the conservative movement when in reality he was one of the fathers of it. I don’t see these attributes in Palin.

    I am looking for a smart, uncharismatic, and serious-minded substantive candidate to be the horse for the conditions we will see in the 2012 Derby. A Thune, Pawlenty, Jindal, Pence type of candidate. I would quickly jump on Christie bandwagon but he seems clear that he will not run.

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    Whodat, I love you like the crazy uncle I never had, but I think Sarah is in serious trouble when the 2012 debates begin. I just don’t think she has the firepower to compete against the likely candidates. She has “Rudy G” written all over her. Start fast, poll well, fade when it matters.

    • Whodat

      Au Contrar! There are two big differences:

      1) Rudy had nothing to say and he had a boring way of saying it.
      2) Rudy was not conservative.

      Comparing Rudy to Sarah is like comparing a safety match to a blow torch!

      Ah, but we prove once again why your wisdom was great to name this joint, “

      P.S. Had I been your uncle, I would have taught you more respect for your elders, you whipper-snapper!

      • David Kaiser, Editor

        The flaw with both of your differences is that they are your opinion, and others may not agree.

        Rudy’s style may not fly in your eyes, but there are plenty of people, including a few on here, that were quite enamored with the idea of Rudy G as the nominee in the last cycle.

        • Whodat

          Statistics show that 32% of Rudy’s core support were named Vinnie, and half of those lived within 300 miles of toity-toid street. Hey, forgetaboutit.

          • David Kaiser, Editor

            82% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

  • Cynda

    Whodat…thanks for the chuckle :)

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    • Whodat

      Well, good luck cowboy…

      But, what are you going to do to attract the outstanding list of contributors here? You have to consider that this is a contract, a union, an interchange of ying&yang between bloggor and bloggee. You can’t just buy a $9/month web address and expect to gather the cream of the http://www... We are a discerning lot. We have our pride, our honor, our beliefs…

      So, how much money we talkin’ about?

  • Whodat

    I agree that the big-impact dark horse may still not be known, but this idiot “staff writer” (a/k/a “kid of no knowledge or consequence”) for the leftist propoganda sheet known as the Washington Post misses all marks: He or she, whatever a “Chris” is, says “the dark horse still has no name”, BUT THEN NAMES FOUR! What an empty-headed doo-fuss!

    I watched Hannity’s hour with Palin tonight. Any dark horse is going to have to be a fast horse and a smart horse, and a highly motivated, committed and unflinchingly conservative horse

    Main thing is that she exudes power and, “here is what I believe and we must keep these principles…” as opposed to most of the “studs”, who appear more as geldings; “I’m conservative like Ronald Reagan. I don’t get out much, I don’t campaign for many people because I would hate to make anybody angry, but I believe that I could be president based on some focus groups and some special interests who are funding me…”

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