• Red State Eddio

    I was wondering why I had this incredible urge to smoke a cigaretter while at the airport…

    Three thoughts to add to the discussion –
    1. Why can’t we just copy El Al security? They seem to do just fine without the obtrusive measures recently adopted.

    2. Why aren’t they doing this mainly with INTERNATIONAL flights rather than DOMESTIC ones? Seems to me that since 9/11, all the attempts at air terror have come from people attempting to get into the country from abroad.

    3. Does this mean we’re still at war (with terror)? In wartime, you expect high security issues and delays like this. But the O admin has declared all that over–what’s the phrase, “overseas contingency operation”? Just seems essentially silly to ramp up this security if we’re declaring the war over and the terrorists defeated. We’re not acting like we won and they lost.

    4. The bedfellows on this one looks sleazy. Just heard that the CEO of the scanner company was with the O-Child in India recently. Hmmm, can you say political payback? All the next Republican president needs to do to ramp his approval up 5% is to dismiss the scanners and go back to the previous security measure–and profile those most likely to commit terror rather than grandmas and paralytics in wheelchairs.

    • Red State Eddio

      Oops! Miscounted. The fourth was a moment of inspiration at the end…

  • Boru

    If only there were politicians willing to fight for our rights.

    Speaking of which, did you see how Ann Coulter got treated on Hannity when she argued against TSA groping?

    Nope. The government (and thus, their propagandists) official stance is pro-grope.

  • Mrs Rusty Shackleford

    I was just saying today that they should at least bye me dinner first. Then stuff my undies with bills! Geez!

  • MadRick1975

    Agreed. This is ALL ABOUT PERCEPTION, not actual safety.

  • Alaina

    For me, it’s a major pain since I fly several times a week (if you’ve seen Up in the Air, that’s my life exactly… I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry).

    I wouldn’t care about the full body scanner, except that I’ve heard lots of concern about radiation levels. Even that wouldn’t bother me if I travelled a couple times a year, but I travel several times a week so it’s a little more disconcerting to think about.

    I miss the old days of the pat downs with the back of the hand. They way they’re doing it now is beyond overboard. It’s uncomfortable and a little embarrassing.

    As for the level of security that you see, it really varies by airport. Houston, Newark and LaGuardia don’t seemed to have changed much, if at all. I hear Chicago has gotten pretty bad. Columbus, OH has been my primary port of call lately and it’s horrendous. The security lines have been 60 yeards deep because they’v forced EVERYONE to go through the body scanners and get patted down. Then, before boarding the plane, they’ve been randomly pulling people out of line for another pat down. It’s beyond ridiculous.

    TSA is a joke anyway. Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for saying this on the bloggosphere, but it’s so easy to get stuff through the x-ray machines. I hate checking my bags and I regularly carry too much liquids (perfume, hair spray, hair gel, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) because I like to use my own stuff. In the three years since they have implemented the 3-1-1 rule (limiting liquids) I have figured out how to beat the x-ray machines and in addition to my baggie of stuff, I hide perfume, hair gel, gel based deodorant, toothpaste, more hair stuff, etc. in my suitcase and not once has my bag been screened.

    If I can figure out how to beat the system just by having gone through the security line a million and one times, imagine what an actual terrorist could do if they have an x ray machine to practice with.

    Long story short, TSA is completely inconsistent and a total joke. They don’t make us any safer.

    • East of Eden

      Alaina…you’re beating the 311 is exactly why the whole set up is a JOKE! I’ve gone thru with stuff in my bags, pockets etc and not been stopped. Like I said, we need to go El-Al and not worry about hurting feelings or whatever…or just all start wearing hijabs and get out of it all together.

  • East of Eden

    All that time, all those people. If we did it the El-Al way, plenty of time for TRAINED persons to scan and scan and scope the lines for twitchy terrorists.

    And does it bother anyone else that NO ONE has mentioned that the Underwear bomber and the Shoe bomber came from European airports? Seems that Europe is where the problem is not the good old US of A.

    Just sayin’.

    I’ll finish by saying this, I am THANKFUL that both Grandma’s live a day’s drive from our home. No more flying for us.

  • Cynda

    Agreed-destroying the industry seems to be the unexpected, or perhaps intended, fallout. I sence another government bailout on the horizon, to help all those poor airlines who no longer have enough travelers to pay their expenses. Another industry the government will have to step in and control.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of flying anymore, since 9/11…I go only if it’s necessary, I certainly don’t plan vacations that include air travel if I can avoid it. So, the scan vs grope argument isn’t a biggie with me, I guess when it comes down to it, I’ll probably just choose whichever line looks like it’s moving faster.

    I do believe though, they need to consider criminal profiling, as opposed to racial profiling, when they clean up this system. Give a pass to those business travelers who have racked up a million miles without problems, etc.

    There’s my two cents.

  • Brian H

    Last month I was bringing 40 students back to Texas from BWI Baltimore airport. The line at that airport put the line in the video to shame. We got to the airport two hours early and we approached the line it was wrapped around the building. Had it not been for a parent who is a bigshot with Continental Airlines we would have not made it through. He was able to get us moved to a shorter line and even at that we had to sprint to the plane and barely made it. If this becomes the norm they are going to destroy the industry.

  • Whodat

    At my age, I tip heavy for groping! If they’re good, I might go have a cigarette and then come back through security again!

    We need to TSA to do whatever it takes. If people do not like it, don’t fly. Sure there can be excesses, but all the person has to do is go through the scanner. The person who reviews the scan never sees the actual person being scanned, so they ain’t profiling hot chicks for fun.

    We need to just turn our airport security over to El Al for cost plus 10%. They know how to do it.

    • Whodat

      Sorry. I meant to add this:

      I flew twice in the last two weeks on business.

      My wife and I and several family members all flew to Boston for a funeral last week – invlolving airports from Hono to Houston to Ohare. Nobody experienced anything upsetting. Of course, we went with the flow, took all the metal stuff out and set off no alarms.

      So, my family and I, from several directions, did not experience any of this. What is the big deal?

      • dw

        The big deal is that this is all bogus. It is nothing but a false sense of security for those who believe in this nonsense.

        I, for one, am not willing to give up my personal freedoms or privacy in the name of security.

        And, unless you have been a victim of a sexual crime (or are a close relative of a victim), you cannot imagine the fear that these new searches cause.

        And, not flying is not a realistic option. I would expect a lot better from you, whodat.

  • Troy La Mana

    There is a reason why I haven’t flown since Christmas 2001…..