In the interests of full disclosure, I state for the record that I do not watch the ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. I am simply too busy with other things, and that show has no car chases, explosions, or high speed collisions. That said, the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro is a dance aficionada and she never misses an episode. I understand that Stiletto Sarah’s daughter Bristol has done well on this show – much to the consternation of the left leaning media establishment which seems to think (collectively and individually) that no conservative can ever enter the creative realm and succeed.

I also understand there is a large percentage of the aforementioned demographic which views Stiletto Sarah – and tangentially Bristol – with nothing less than visceral rage.

Well, one 67-year-old man in Dane County, Wisconsin succumbed to this visceral rage and took matters into his own hands after witnessing Bristol not get kicked off DWTS. I’d summarize the event, but you’d think I was making it up. Go. Read. Laugh.

Crazy and stupid are a very dangerous combination.


  • East of Eden

    I’ve never watched this show, but we’re going to call in for Bristol on every phone we own…just because we like her!

  • Whodat

    Today’s prize for “I-Laughed-The-Most-Post” goes to Mr. Cordeiro. Thank you for a sincere laugh.

    Wonder if this dude was channeling Elvis who was famous for shooting a TV or two, or just doing something many males would love to do anyway. Of course I would; when Mrs Whodat is watching HGTV, DIY, DWTS or the late-nite soap regurgitation. Hell, I am so glad we have a few TVs and different places to go! Women drive me nuts with their innane tastes (pls don’t tell Mrs Whodat I said that!)

    But this guy might have been making a political statement. I hope so. I love to see libs upset.

    I can’t wait to hear about violence toward radios over Rush’s current outrage, “Driving Miss Nancy”.
    It is a riot and has Sheila jax Lee’s panties in a real wad, and all the CBC axing some tough questions ’bout whodat be in the leadership…

    • Cordeiro

      I bow before the awsomness that is Whodat.

  • boru

    DWTS is just a TV show…it’s driven by money (ratings and contributions).

    This reminds me of all the adults I knew growing up who thought pro-wrestling was real.

    Please tell me adults no longer think pro-wrestling is real.

    BTW: Who’s *the* best pro-wrestler entertainer?

    Ron Paul!

    jk…it’s Ric Flair…and if you think ogherwise, you are a socialist, facist, commie liberal.

  • Brian H

    Is Bristol Palin the most deserving candidate to make it to the fianls based on her dance skills? Probably not. However, I am glad to see her continue to anger the left with her repeated wins on DWTS. Like baseball All-Star games. anytime you leave it to the public to make the “call”, both literally and figuratively, they will likely vote for people who were less deserving of the award. This happens every year in the MLB. Fan favs always make the cut because the All-Star game is a game for the fans. If Bristol has developed a following that has brought people to watch the show and if the show has developed a system for which the viewers make decide who stays and goes then I for one am thrilled to see her succeed at the expense of watching liberals cry and make a$$es of themselves.

  • Rochelle

    Crazy and stupid are a dangerous combination, which begs the question: Why do we keep electing that combination in congress?