There has been talk of which horse here in the Derby will be the top horse in 2012. But what about Gary Johnson? He was recently interviewed for The New Republic.

First who is he? Gary Johnson was the 29th governor of New Mexico, but before that he was just a regular citizen and small business owner. I also want to mention here as well, he financed his own campaign, with his own money too. He’s said he did that so that he wouldn’t be beholden to anyone. Nice. He also did some good things during his 8 years in office, some of which included:

  • Never raising taxes, in a very blue and very Democrat controlled state, but actually cutting them 14 times!

  • Cut over 1200 state government jobs without layoffs or furloughs (the latter of which, seem to be the current favorite of balancing the state budget and staff in the Land of Enchantment these days — the people of New Mexico thank you Bill Richardson).
  • Vetoing over 750 bills — some even sponsored by Republicans.
  • Advocating for school vouchers as a way to improve education. He actually vetoed the state budget one year because it did not include a school voucher program.

These days, he’s most known for his views on decriminalizing marijuana, and while I disagree with him on this and some of his other stands on social issues, I will say this, he left New Mexico in good shape. He shrunk the size of government here, and he took on the corruption that is endemic in the Land of Enchantment. He was a good governor and a nice guy too. In all of his house cleaning he managed to keep the peace and made very few enemies. We often look back on his governorship with fond memories, and wish for the Johnson days.

Gary Johnson is worth a look for 2012.


  • Dave

    Would love to see him run, even if he just garnered the libertarian votes that Ron Paul won last time around. It would make a interesting debate, especially since it wouldn’t be focused on Iraq like it was on Paul.

    However, could he win? Nah, Social conservatives rule Iowa and wouldn’t consider voting for him. And face it, outside of the Western States, Marijuana legalization puts you at the edge of the spectrum, so nope, probably can’t win, but would be a good inclusion in the race regardless.

  • boru

    He spoke at Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic.

    nuff said

    The neocons will never support his real conservatism.

  • Joe W

    I’d vote for him. Good Man! He is strickly by the constitution. Oh wait! he’s unelectable. Well let me check and see who the media tells me to vote for. Sorry, for a second I had my own thought. I will get back in line oops!

  • Gary Russell

    You lost me at “decriminalizing marijuana”.

    • Brian H

      He lost me at “Gary Johnson”.

      • East of Eden

        I’m not saying I’d vote for him. I totally disagree with him on the drugs, prolife/choice, most of his social stands. However, his name is worth a discussion. He does know how to balance a budget. And even though he’s a Ron Paulite, he’s not a werido like Paul.

    • Rob

      What are your problems with decriminalizing marijuana?

  • East of Eden

    Well as a resident of the Land of Enchantment I had to. Serioulsy, when we say we miss him, we’re not kiddng. Fatty Richardson has screwed this state six ways from Sunday. Jan 1, 2011 cannot come soon enough!

  • Whodat

    You did it! I did not think anyone could suggest a candidate less known than Thune (Whone?), but Gary Johnson takes the prize.

  • RickyD

    You lost me at “interviewd for The New Repbulic”