I don’t always agree with Peggy Noonan, but this piece was ripped right from my own noggin. This is the best 2010 midterm post-game piece I’ve read so far.

In the case of O’Donnell, there were some who defended her on PD and suggested if she lost we’d have the GOP establishment to blame. Still feel that way? O’Donnell lost because she was a lousy candidate running a terrible campaign and even in this tidal wave, voters were not ready to plug their noses quite that hard.

Many PD faithful won’t want to hear it, but this could well be the future of Sarah Palin.

Americans Vote for Maturity
Obama gets a rebuke, but so do Republicans who seem unqualified.


“What the tea party, by which I mean members and sympathizers, has to learn from 2010 is this: Not only the message is important but the messenger.

Even in a perfect political environment, those candidates who were conservative but seemed strange, or unprofessional, or not fully qualified, or like empty bags skittering along the street, did not fare well. The tea party provided the fire and passion of the election, and helped produce major wins—Marco Rubio by 19 points! But in the future the tea party is going to have to ask itself: Is this candidate electable? Will he pass muster with those who may not themselves be deeply political but who hold certain expectations as to the dignity and stature required of those who hold office?”

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