A new GOP


Filed Under General on Nov 3 

I think the GOP needs a new and younger face. The party just stopped drinking whiskey and got its first taste of TEA. Perhaps a name change is in order. Even GOP or Grand Old Party, is just old. I’ve come up with a few newer and hipper phrases that the GOP could stand for.

Get Obama out of Power- Come on, that’s all this election was, right?

Guess Our Plan – I like this one. A little bit of mystery and a lot of truth.

Governing on Principle – Crossing my fingers and holding my breath that this could actually happen.

Git Out Pelosi – This is perhaps the most accurate for this cycle, but doesn’t have too much staying power.

Grease Our Palms – this will ensure that the party dies quickly, so I hope they heed it as a warning.

Give Over Power – To the people of course. This is the message of the Tea party, and I am wondering if they got it.

Get Over Partisanship – What everyone claims to want, but no one really does.

Please feel free to add to the list, or vote on which you like best.