It is nice to be an example to my three children by taking them to the polling place with me so they could experience the voting process. However, the reason they were there with me is a problem. School is canceled in Georgia on election day, with many excuses given such as ” child safety” because some schools are used as polling places (as if there isn’t a church around every corner here that can be used) and mostly, “giving teachers the opportunity to vote”.

In reality, giving teachers the day off is an attempt by the teachers’ union-probably one of the largest or even the largest union in the state-to get all of their members out to vote for the union point of view while also making it more difficult for everyone else to vote. It is not easy to take your kids to vote, especially when there are long lines. Does that mean I won’t do it? Of course not. And that doesn’t mean I think school is a convenient day care (though maybe it is, since my fourth graders is “learning” at least 50% 0f the same material she “learned” in 3rd grade and is bored out of her mind, thanks “Republican” Johnny Isakson (GA) for co-authoring “No Child Left Behind”, one of the many reasons why I voted for the Chuck Donovan today). I simply have a problem with one group of people whose salaries I am paying taking a day off for their convenience so they can “find time to vote” when their work day ends at 3:00 pm! Everyone else who has a job that ends at 5:00, 6:00, or 7:00 pm finds time to vote and doesn’t need a special day off.

This is just another case of the public union money-laundering scheme. You know how it works: Directly deduct union dues from tax-payer funded paychecks, dues are funneled directly to the union without the member ever holding them, the union contributes these funds primarily to one party, that party continually protects the union, regardless of the union’s actual benefit to industry, then repeat.

I’m happy that all of my kids actually have teachers who care about their jobs, but I have a problem with them gaining special privileges because they are government employees. My kids, and all the other kids in Georgia public schools, should have been in class today.