The political arena seems to be the last hold-over of the “good ‘ole boys” network that demeans and trivializes women. Women, and especially conservative women are characterized by their sex appeal, their quirkiness, or their lack of femininity.

The crop of Republican women running for office this year are even easier pickings, as democratic women are happy to jump on the bandwagon. (Think Joy Behar). While NOW President Terry O’Neill’s repudiation may come too late for women in this cycle, it is gratifying to see it come at all, and this conservative feminist is crossing her fingers that 2012 will be a little more fair.

After Republican women faced name-calling for allegedly being a “whore,” a “b—-” and now something akin to a prudish slut, the National Organization of Women has said it’s had enough, and five days before the midterm election has called for a stop of the “sexist, misogynist attacks.”

Finally!!!!!!!!! It might be too little too late, but thank you Terry O’Neill, for finally voicing disapproval for such behavior against Republican women as well as Democratic. It took a while for the outrage to show, but now that it has, please continue to do as your organizational charter says and ” take action” to bring about equality for all women. Please remember the part that says ALL women.