Click here to play the Political Derby 2010 Mid-term Pick ‘em. Predict the outcome of 9 races and how many total seats the GOP will pick up. (Polls are closing and the deadline for entry has now passed).

Deadline is Tuesday when the polls close. Good luck! (It’s closed!)

Winner gets $100 cash and a signed copy of The Seventeen Second Miracle.


  • David Kaiser, Editor

    The contest is closed, we’ll give you the results tomorrow!

  • Whodat

    I, late to bed
    Now, early to rise
    Makes me neither
    Rested nor wise.

    But a politcal
    Junkie, that’s me;
    I awoke before 5
    To turn on TV.

    How will I cope
    On tomorrow’s sun
    When all these
    Politics are done?

    Will counseling
    Be needed? Or, priest
    To calm, redirect
    Me when politics cease?

    Nay, the answer
    Will come from my wife
    As she screams,”Get up!
    Get to work! Get a life!”

  • Joe W

    Looking for The RANDslide in Kentucky. Anyone remember how unelectable he is?

  • Whodat

    Whatever the exact numbers turn out to be
    “Lost Hope and Loose Change” will be he.

  • Scott A. Robinson

    Sweet. I’m glad to see I’m defying the trends in a few ways.

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    I thought everyone might be interested in some stats. Lots of entries so far, and they’re all over the map. Most surprising are opinions on CA, where virtually everyone things Boxer will win, and in Nevada, where almost no one thinks Reid can pull it off.

    As for the House predictions, they range from a high of 82 seats to a low of 35.

    • Brian H

      I strongly debated my California prediction, Sir. I think…hope…pray…that Boxer will lose, but, at the end of the day, it is still California.

      I am assuming most of us probably came to the same conclusion. Lets hope we are wrong.