In the spirit of fantasy football & all the pick ’em sites (I’m still ahead of Jason, BTW), I thought it’d be fun to draw out some imaginative possibilities from the “potential pack of Presidential prospects” (say that 10x fast). Let’s see what intriguing presidential campaign matchups we can dream up…

1) Sarah vs. Hillary – In an all-girl slugfest, the two top ladies go toe-to-toe for the top prize, ensuring the US with a woman president for the first time. Hillary intercepts the coronation caravan on the way to the convention (how deliciously ironic) and overtakes Obama in a primary challenge that is all about jobs, jobs, jobs, and no longer hope & change. Palin gets the T-party riled up and out in force enough to win the Repub. nomination. Hillary in a squeaker that’s not decided until the next day as all 50 state tallies are re-counted.

2) Rubio vs. Obama – The darling rising star of the right serves about 200 days as FL senator, then jumps in at the last minute into the primary campaign, and takes the mantle from Mittens as the best candidate out on the market. Teams up with one of a host of rising Young Gun stars (Ryan, Pence, etc.) and forces Barack into a radical liberal corner while taking the Hispanic vote. Wins 40 out of 50 states, and sends Barack home with the title of “Carter Redux”.

3) The Veep Surprise – While the usual suspects become the nominees (Romney & Obama), the Veep selection ends up with Sarah & Hillary, as Slow Joe gets dumped after an expletive-laced tirade directed at Senator O’Donnell forces the O Admin to ask him to step down. Sarah works her way onto the ticket as the “Queenmaker” who can bring the conservatives that won’t touch Mitt with a Health Care Reimbursement application. All we need to say is that their second debate ends up on pay-per-view.

4) The Guvernator– Christ Christie & Marco Rubio team up to take down the Obamalites in the main election. Christie gets the nod and invites Rubio to join him. They not only get swing states (FL) and blue states (NJ) and northern east coast states (PA, NY), but they are also sweep flyover country. California & Illinois are the only major holdouts for Obama. The Guv team wins big, and send the Big O home.

5) The House Special – Mike Pence (R-IN), super mega dark horse candidate, sneaks past Mittens and a few others to win the nod in a close call squeaker going down to the last primary. He invites Paul Ryan, architect of the Roadmap for America plan, and together they take on Obamanation for the fiscal life and health of America. Both coasts vote for the O, but the heartland goes deep red. The surprise is that they take Illinois after all the Wisconsinites (Ryan’s home state) and Indianaians (Pence’s home state) who move to Illinois and have to endure years of ‘Da Bears’ finally exact their revenge.

6) Nuclear NY Winter – In a shock move, Obama dumps Slow Joe for Michael Bloomberg, who brings with him a treasury the size of the Fed to pay for the election. The Repubs counter with Mittens and Trump, and NY goes bananas. The election sets the record for the biggest bankroll in US political history. Riots in the streets of Manhattan ensue as The Donald debates Bloomberg, and finally declares “you’re fired!” “But I haven’t won the job yet.” “Even better—you’re not hired!” NY elections boards are paralyzed for months as voter fraud is alleged by the SEIU workers who maintain the voting machines.

Any other fantasy picks we can put on the list?