I have a question for the PD community. I have long thought and often heard that we want candidates who would hold to their convictions rather than vote according to the polls. It is a noble idea, and it works very well as long as your party is in power. However, when your party is not in power and an ideologue is running the country, it doesn’t seem as “noble”. We call them “Representatives” and we expect them to represent us. We essentially give them power to vote in our names.

Because they are voting in the names of their constituents, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to poll the people and vote as the majority wishes? It doesn’t sound as noble, but isn’t it actually the job? If this was done, then the people become accountable for the decisions being made in Congress. If it is government by the people and for the people, perhaps the job of our Representatives is to vote according to the wishes of the people. Our representatives are voting for their parties and for their special interests instead of for the people.

I think I will no longer frown upon voting according to the polls. And you?