With all of the hot races for Congress and Senate, a few seem to be flying under the radar. One such race is for a Democratically held congressional seat in Idaho.

I know! A Democrat from Idaho!

Yes, Idaho is considered by some to be the “reddest” state in the Union; a title which most Idahoans are proud to wear. However, Walt Minnick, one of the few “Blue Dog” Democrats holds a seat in the First Congressional District.

Minnick is considered one of the “most conservative” Democrats in the congress, and this is not a big surprise considering the state he represents. What caught my attention is a comment that he made to the Moscow Pullman Daily News: “I will Vote more like a Democrat, when we get out of this economic stuff.” Isn’t that a little like saying: “I’ll go back to eating french fries and hamburgers once I lose 50 pounds?” If policy isn’t good during a recession, it probably isn’t good after a recession.

So I do wonder why more political backing from the Republican big dogs hasn’t been more pronounced for his opponent Raul Labrador. A Democrat, in a red state, who has promised to flip-flop in the future. He might be easier pickings than once thought.