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Funny thing is, Tuesday is my actual garbage day. I’m hoping that more than just my household trash gets taken to the curb this November 2nd.

We are one week away from what looks to be a historic landslide. Obama and friends can keep pointing fingers and avoiding responsibility, but they can’t deny the fact that only 30% of the country thinks this country is heading in the right direction. (The fact that it’s even that high is a little frightening.)

I think the simple fact that Rasmussen is reporting that on the Generic Congressional Ballot, the GOP holds a 9 point lead over Democrats. Question is, will this be a mild wind of change or a voracious tornado? (Hint: It won’t be a light breeze.) Perhaps a PD contest of some sort should be on the horizon….. Like just how big of a whooping will the Dems get this cycle?

Just a little more than 168 hours my friends. 168 blessed hours until some change that I can finally believe in.


  • Boru

    C’mon PD, here’s your next article’s title:

    “NWO Curb-Stomps Rand Paul’s Campaign”

    Great hoax…it will likely justify the stealing of this election…and it solidifies the pre-text to dismantle Ron Paul.


    • David Kaiser, Editor

      Want some cheese with that whine?

    • Jason Wright, Editor

      Missed you, Boru.

      • Boru

        I sort of doubt that, but thanks anyway.

    • Brian H

      Welcome back to the community of PD….Paul Deniers, Boru.

  • Liz

    Amen, my brothers.

    Like Instanpundit says, Obama’s new campaign slogan is Vote Obama – Get Whitey. What happened to this guy? Harry Reid, aiding and abetting terrorists through immigration fraud? What are public schools teaching in Searchlight Nevada? How do we get this stuff rising up through the ranks? No matter. Let’s clean the rosters.

  • Rochelle

    My trash day is also Tuesday. I’m with ya!