The title of this post is in honor of our long-lost friend Boru. It is fair to criticize the stupid people on all sides of the debate. But if you actually watched and listened to the video, you will see this is one isolated person who acts stupidly (unlike President Obama, we do have the facts on this one, and this person was in fact acting stupidly). Everyone else was searching for the police to handle the paid operative, Lauren Valle (who was charged with a felony as a Green”peace” operative in May of this year), seeking to add to this photo roll (because apparently only Democrats are allowed to accept donations from big business, like President Obama’s $77,051, the largest corporate contribution from BP during this past election cycle, but Republicans are all selling their votes, who knew?). Further, you can hear someone saying: “No no no no, come on,” successfully convincing this idiot to not stomp on this unfortunate lady’s head again.

On another note, today I confirmed that Harry Reid’s book sales did not contribute to the $750,000 in cash he paid for his Washington DC Ritz-Carlton condominium. You know, that is the place where he doesn’t live, he only “stays” at in Washington, because, remember, being paid $193,400 per year, he knows what is best for the average smelly American, which is why he had played such a vital role in socializing our health care, extending the annual federal operating budget deficit to $1.3 trillion, and destroying our economy (remember when the “stimulus” package would never allow unemployment to exceed 8%?) . Harry Reid certainly does know something about “The Good Fight”, well, “The Fight,” anyway. This stack of books pictured below the jump was priced at only $1 each, covered in dust, and apparently couldn’t be marked down low enough! So the evidence appears conclusive that “The Good Fight” did not fund The Ritz for Harry Reid.

Evidence Harry Reid's book sales did not contribute to the cash purchase of his Ritz-Carlton condo!

Photo taken at an "everything is $1 store": Evidence Harry Reid's book sales did not contribute to the cash purchase of his Ritz-Carlton condo!