DeMint wants to rid the party of Moderates and understands that you must run candidates that uphold your ideals and not candidates that are “viable.”


  • Whodat

    I watched the clip and I truly must say,
    I love it when conservatives talk that way.
    He means what he said and he said what DeMint
    Believes from his heart – That’s heaven sent!

    Will he say it again? Will he hammer it more?
    Will he not be muzzled by RINOs at his door?
    Will he take this moment, expand it and shout
    “We will not betray!”That’s what I’m talkin about!

    Many of us no longer call ourselves members, GOP.
    We are only “Conservatives”, its not just me…
    DeMint is hearing our anger and our passion
    So, he charts his course in our rightist fashion.

    Suddenly, he IS on my radar. He MIGHT be dah man.
    Now, put those words into ACTION, Jim, if you can!