My Sitemeter rated 25 longtime readers will find my next statement unsurprising, but in the spirit of full disclosure I feel it necessary to unequivocally state for the record the following:

I loathe the current Senate Majority leader – the (less than) honorable Senator “Dusty” Harry Reid (D-Circus Circus). I simply cannot stand the man to the point that hearing his tinny, shrill, whiny voice gives me an instant migraine.

He has represented (badly) the State of Nevada for far too long. In his capacity as Senate Majority Leader he has done everything possible to further an agenda which, if fully implemented, will bankrupt this country and cripple it every possible way. He does this because he feels he knows best and everyone else should just shut up and go away. When faced with the choice of implementing the now successful military surge in Iraq or cutting and running from the battlefield, Harry Reid stood tall and boldly declared

I believe, myself, that this war is lost.

He calls the loss of some 35,000 private sector jobs to be “a good thing”. While his home state constituency is facing the largest per capita foreclosure rate in the nation, Dusty Harry gets up every morning and orders room service to his suite at the Washington DC Ritz Carlton . It’s tough out there for a Senator, but I guess somebody has to do it.

It is my fervent hope and prayer that come November 2, Dusty Harry will have to call down to the front desk and arrange for a permanent check out. I hope he is unceremoniously returned to Searchlight where he can spend the rest of his days lamenting his defeat at the hands of the upstart Sharron Angle.

Having said that, I believe Mrs. Angle made an impossible request of Senator Reid during their first and only debate prior to election day. In what was often a heated an contentious exchange – mostly on Angle’s part because Dusty Harry look and sounded old and very tired – Mrs. Angle made the following demand of Dusty Harry:

Man up, Harry Reid!

Now, Mrs. Angle, that’s not fair. Dusty Harry is simply incapable of complying with that request. Ask him to whine? No problem. Man up? Not gonna happen.

Oh, and Harry, I checked, and there is no Ritz in Searchlight.