So much worse than Carter


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Well worth a morning read:

So Much Worse Than Carter
By Peter Ferrara on 10.13.10 @ 6:08AM

The most important fact to take from the September unemployment report released last week is that almost three years after the recession began the economy was still losing jobs! Almost 100,000 (95,000) additional jobs were lost last month from the economy overall. That makes 400,000 jobs lost since May. Moreover, in a regular annual benchmark revision to calibrate unemployment rates for updated data, the BLS reported a further 366,000 jobs lost for March. The total number of Americans unemployed stands at almost 15 million (14.8).

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  • Sartho

    So good! And so sensible. If only all my “Just think how much worse it would be without Obama saving us all” friends and family had any understanding of economics and why this article is pretty darn awesome…..

  • Brian H

    Great article

  • East of Eden

    Really great article. I’m so glad the author pointed out the failures of the CONGRESS in making the mess we are in. When we read and understand the Constitution we know that it’s the Congress that holds the purse strings, makes and passes the laws etc. Also, I was very happy he mentioned the terminal failure of Keynesian policy. When will the world realize that no matter how much Keynes you have, that invisible hand will always be there in the back ground trying to break free, and if we let it, things will get better fast! :)

  • Troy La Mana

    You know you are a bad President when you are ranked lower then Carter.