I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days, but alas, life and a book release have gotten in the way.

I ran into Congressman Pence at the Detroit airport a few days ago. After passing him on the escalator I double-backed and chased him across the concourse.

I asked him pointblank if he plans to run for president in 2012. He was candid and, much to my surprise for someone at his level, refreshingly humble. I told him if he ran I knew he’d find support, given the buzz he’s had here at PD whenever his name comes up.

His response was that it’s encouraging to hear things like that but that he’s focused on 2010. His feelings are similar to mine. Folks already ordering the catering for a new GOP majority party are getting ahead of themselves. He said it’s not in the bag, not even close. “There is much work to be done.”

I pressed and asked if he did run, when would he announce? By years end?

He hesitated.

I pressed again. “Don’t you expect some will announce by Christmas?”

“Oh,” he smiled, “I figure someone will announce by sundown on Nov 2.”

I’ve met most of these guys at some point, and Congressman Pence might have been the most genuinely kind and gracious. He introduced me to several members of his staff and chatted comfortably. Only our flight in opposite directions kept us from chatting longer.

So PD faithful, what would you make of a Mike Pence 2012 campaign?