Passively fleecing America


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There is a popular saying here in the Washington Beltway that the American people can rest easy when Congress is out of session because no taxes can be levied when Congress is out of town. This year, however, the landscape has shifted slightly because Congress – under the questionable leadership of The Pelosi and Dusty Harry Reid – has the ability to levy the largest tax increase in American history by doing what they do best. What is it these 535 legislators do best? Absolutely nothing.

For those of you who have been off the grid or otherwise unreachable for the past few years, the economic engine of this great nation is sputtering. We were told this past summer was to be one of “recovery”. I don’t know about you, but if this is a good recovery I’d really hate to see a bad one.

We’ve had about 22 months of The One’s economic leadership – 22 months of the Hope and Change Express. We were promised that Plan Porkulus would arrest the rising unemployment rate and act like a defibrillator on America’s economic circulatory system. How did that work out? Well, the nation’s unemployment rate still stands at around 9.6%. According to The One’s prognostications, by now that number should be around 7%.

The MSM would have you believe The One to be the most thoughtful and deliberate man to ever sit in the Big Chair. Yet with all his accumulated knowledge and vast experience, he has failed to convince the American economy that it’s time to recover. Private sector corporations are sitting on piles of cash but are reluctant to hire anyone. The One would have you believe these corporations are led by dirty rotten stinking filthy rich capitalists who would rather count their piles of cash than share it with the “working class”. This is where he fails to understand the basic precepts of capitalism. Capitalists always want to make more money – it’s encoded in their DNA. What The One doesn’t get is the necessity of providing a stable environment where said capitalists feel comfortable risking their cash piles in order to make more money – thus creating the need for more jobs.

In short, folks, the environment created by The One, Dusty Harry, and The Pelosi is nothing if not uncertain. Come New Year’s Day, along with hangovers and college football overload will also arrive a shocking tax increase. Today’s Wall Street Journal breaks it down as to how much you’ll be kicking back to The One in 2011:

2011 taxes

This doesn’t even take into account the tax increases on capital gains along with the reinstatement of the Death Tax. Some people seem to think tax increases are the ultimate answer. I will respectfully disagree and assert that I am far better at deciding how to spend my money than anyone toiling across the Potomac.

Now that your congress-person is back for campaign season, you should ask him or her if they voted to adjourn rather than take up the tax issue prior to November’s judgment day. That should help you decide whether or not they deserve to return to “work” in January.