I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting – some of you camping at your local bookstore – for the opportunity to buy my brand new book.


Camp no more! The book is available today in stores everywhere. Support Political Derby by purchasing a copy. After all, who do you think pays the hosting bills? :)

Click here for a quick and easy list of online retailers.
And happy reading!


  • Joe W

    Great Book, loved it!

  • Stephanie

    Don’t you usually have a contest with an autographed copy of your book as the prize?

    • kristen

      I think a contest is in order!!

      (Not that I ever win.)

  • http://www.politicalderby.com/ Jason Wright, Editor

    Rich fantasy life? Wahahahahaha. That’s the funniest thing you’ve ever said, Whodat. Not that that’s saying much ;-)

  • Rusty Shackleford


    That’s a good idea, How bout a picture book for us Ron Paulites Jason?

    • Brian H

      Great idea. It could be a children’s book called “See Paul Run….in 2012, 2016, 2020, 2024…..”

      • http://www.wildfiretreasures.com/ Troy La Mana

        You actually think he will live that long???

        • Brian H

          I don’t, no. Not so sure about some of his committed die-hards.

          • http://www.wildfiretreasures.com/ Troy La Mana

            I knew someone would take the baton and run with his platform. I just didn’t know it would be Rand.

            It is my hope that, instead of insta-labeling anyone with a different idea as a kook, people would objectively weight the solutions.

            • Brian H

              Yes, Troy. We should ALL follow the lead and become as “objective” as Ron Paul’s supporters so frequently demonstrate themselves to be.

              Thanks you, Troy, for your own numerous examples of political objectivity. We all know how open-minded so many of Paul’s fellow-travelers are.

  • Brian H

    Congrats, Jason. I am always amazed how writers like yourself can create these incredible stories, one after another. Where do you begin in such a journey? Do you have the entire story played out in your mind or do you make it up as you go along? How long does this process take? Do you do like in the movies and sit in front of a blank screen for hours until something comes to mind? Just wondering.

    I will add this title to my classroom library.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Whodat

      Give me a break. He leads a rich fantasy life, that’s all. Hey, I’ll take a look at it. Does it have lots of pictures?


  • http://twitter.com/theatomicmom East of Eden

    Ordered it, which remineded me I had not yet ordered Cross Gardner….so thanks, lots of good reading ahead for cold days! :)