The more I’ve thought about what I wrote on Friday, the more annoyed I’ve become at what I wrote. Not because I was wrong in pointing out that politicians constantly lie to be elected, but because the example I cited was Democrat versus Republican. Unfortunately, it works both ways. Harry Reid is merely an easy example.

Earlier today with my newfound time I was watching the morning news shows. As usually happens, the interviewer asked a valid question. First the person representing the “Republican” viewpoint repeated their talking points, regardless of if they related to the question. Then the same process was repeated with the person representing the “Democratic” viewpoint. It is no wonder nothing meaningful happens in this country when we can no longer have an honest discussion. Rather, people say whatever they want, rather than listening to what was asked, speaking in half truths and misrepresenting facts.

This is yet another reason, other than the obvious reason of being honest with yourself, that principles matter more than party. Doing what is right, following what you believe in, is more important than supporting a party, unless what you believe in is power for your group, then I suppose the party is for you. Otherwise, you should be ready, willing, and able to support a Christine O’Donnell if her views match yours, regardless of the predicted outcome in the general election.

A year ago, no one would have believed these conservative “tea-party” candidates would have had a chance in most elections. Now, there are small government candidates with legitimate opportunities to win general elections in multiple states this fall. Two hundred thirty four years ago no one believed a loosely connected series of provinces without a formal army could defeat the greatest empire and army of that day, but they did. Why? Because some stood for what they believed in. Then others realized how many around then believed in their just cause and joined in the effort. This is exactly what has happened with the “tea-party” fiscally-conservative candidates. As people have taken a stand based on principle, others with similar beliefs have realized they are not alone and the movement has grown exponentially.

In referring to American Revolution, let me be clear, I am not calling for violence, only for a philosophical battle, for people to stand for what they believe in, even when the short-term election battle may be lost. The momentum for small government has not been greater for at least 30 years, perhaps longer. This is due to people standing for what they believe. It is not a result of the typical big-spending Democrat running against the medium-spending Republican because the results of that election are the same, only the speed of the result is different.

Both parties consistently use their power taking from some and giving to others. Put bluntly, they are in the business of buying votes and campaign contributions. The most obvious example is unions in union states. Union membership is required to work in several industries, then union dues are automatically deducted from paychecks, and finally the unions “contribute” substantially to the candidates and parties that favor policies in the union’s favor. The cycle does not end. The same could be said for big business, though the cycle isn’t as obvious as the union example, because the pay is not automatically deducted from a paycheck (after taxes, of course!).

What we really need to be talking about is how valuable freedom is or is not to each of us. The American experiment has shown economic growth never before seen in the history of the world due to our freedoms. However, government has continually become more ingrained in our lives and it is completely our fault for continuing to elect progressive and progressive-light “representation”. Our freedom is chipped away with every dollar taken and spent elsewhere by the government. More freedom is stolen with every regulation that is passed. All a government “regulation” does is provide more power to whomever is in control of the government, which brings us back to the silly party arguments. Republicans are happy when they are in control because they control the “regulations”. Democrats are the same. However, the only winners are those in power, pulling the strings and spending the wealth we have created.

Nothing changes if you refuse to stand for what you believe in, even if you face almost certain defeat, as in the case of Christine O’Donnell. If you do not have your integrity, what do you have? In the case of modern American politics, you have two parties that continually lessen or altogether remove the freedoms that allow us to prosper.