Knowing the mid-term elections are upon us and that many seats are likely to switch from Democrat-held to Republican-held (with Republicans who actually seem concerned about maintaining the Republic…weird), Democrat Party leadership will wait until later to raise taxes. Or if you believe Harry Reid:

Democrats believe we must permanently extend tax cuts for the middle class before they expire at the end of the year, and we will

Let’s be very clear about this, Democrats know tax increases are not what the people they supposedly “represent” want, so just in time for the elections the “we’re not going raise taxes on the middle class” rhetoric (note: remove your blindfold, Lady Justice) comes out, then after the election they’ll do what they want anyway, assuming they still have enough votes. Or as Dick Durban put it:

The reality is, we are not going to pass what needs to be passed to change this, either in the Senate or in the House, before the election.

Certainly, this is where the Democrats are headed and Harry Reid’s lies validate it. Referring to maintaining the current tax brackets (often referred to as ‘The Bush tax cuts’), Reid lied:

Unfortunately, to this point, we have received no cooperation from Republicans to do so.…We will come back in November and stay in session as long as it takes to get this done.

I don’t know what planet Harry’s brain resides on, but he does have a majority in the Senate to go along with a vast majority in the House. He can pass whatever he wants. To blame any one other than himself and his own party is ludicrous.

What this again proves is that politicians think YOU ARE STUPID. They think they can say whatever they want that appeases you at the moment, and that is all you will remember. They think their words are all that matter to you rather than the substance of their actions.

So when you vote this November, kindly remind the politicians, from ANY party, that you are wise by voting for those who are honest and hold your values because the politicians are NOT elite. Only their $174,000 annual congressional pay is elite.