Ooh, such juicy intrigue! Boy, I haven’t seen this much traffic on PD since Scooter Brown was barnstorming the Massachusetts countryside in his ’87 Ford pickup. (Probably making Jason’s visitor ticker spin off the bottom of the page.) Let’s continue the chat we’ve started, and push the issue a little further.

Here’s The Question: So what do you think would be better – the Repubs gaining both chambers, or just winning the House this fall? What would be the pros/cons of either scenario?

Do not use past Nov 2010

For instance: If the R’s win both, and submit bills to repeal Obamacare et al, they probably won’t have filibuster proof majorities, even if any remaining Blue Dogs go along. The Prez would undoubtedly veto any legislation like that. The Prez could also blame all the problems on the Congress, and with all the R’s in charge, they’d be considered the incumbents to get tossed out in 2012. Obama would have pretty good Vegas odds at repeating at that point. Throw in a slowly recovering economy, and we’re talking Toast in America all over.

If the R’s only own the House, they could starve all funding for the bloated gov’t budget, and force Obama to meet them to negotiate, derailing his tax-n-destroy agenda. Downside: they’d also not get much at all past the Senate if Harry “no republican-voting-hispanic-dialect-here” Reid is in charge. They also may not be able to prevent some of the initial phases of Obamacare from wreaking havoc on the economy. Upside: they could continue the surge towards a total takeover in 2012 without appearing like the kings in the castle.

So is the O’Donnell insurgency a godsend in disguise, or the first signs of an eventual overreach by a particular movement? Which scenario gives the R’s better odds at repealing and scaling back the gov’t reach, and which give the Obawan special powers to pull more Jedi mind tricks on his gullible minions in OFA?

In the long run, is an Obama as president (yet denied his spending sprees by an R House) a better recruiting tool for a long term conservative ascendancy than a total R takeover that may be throttled in infancy?