Politicalderby.com in cooperation with ESPN.com is launching our 5th annual Pigskin Pick’em derby! Have we really been doing this that long !?! The rules are simple. Log in each week and make your selections on who will win each NFL game. As an added incentive, we are not even requiring you walk around with your birth certificate plastered to your forehead!

Games lock each week on Thursday and Sunday. The player with the most number of correct winning selections will take the lead. At the end of the season the player with the most correct selections earns bragging rights as the “world’s best community organizer.” Oh? That’s already taken? The winner will earn the right to proclaim “I’ve smoked less crack than Paris Hilton!”

So, go to ESPN.com and log into Pigskin Pick’em here.

Our group name: PoliticalDerby.com
The password: Rangel 2012

Let the games begin!