In the current political climate, for me, the new Health Care law is a defining issue in this and the next election cycle. I recently spoke with a doctor who is in a highly specialized field of medicine, about the current health care law. One thing came out of the conversation that really surprised me. She said that she only paid off her medical school loans last year. This surprised me, because she has been in practice for no less than 18 years (the time that I have known her). Now, I do not wish to submit that she has lived in abject poverty during that time, but the length of time to pay the loans back was longer than one would expect. I wonder how much time it takes litigators, like John Edwards to pay back their student loans. Especially since they make so much of their money at the expense of doctors.

This video was enlightening on many fronts. First, using medicine as an example, it aptly describes the true free market, and how government intervention changes the workings of the free market. It gives better understanding to the actual costs of medicine, and articulates the Governments’ role in the price setting currently practiced by the medical insurance companies. And it points out the coming shortages of doctors and gives reasons for this. I admit, it is a bit of a snore, but if one muddles through it is educational.