Obama’s phone call


Filed Under Races 2010 on Aug 31 

Top ten things overheard today during the telephone call Obama placed to GWB:

10. “How do you spell “strategery”?”

9. “Would you mind if I blamed one more thing on you?”

8. “Do you have any ideas on how to shut Joe Biden up?”

7. “I’ve maxed out the government credit card. Any idea where you might have stashed a few extra hundred billion?”

6. “Thanks for the TARP bill. IT was cool taking over the auto industry and student loan biz.”

5. “How did it feel in the mornings not having the media as your bosom buddy?”

4. “Any ideas on how to get flyover country to like me again? What’s so funny?”

3. “Got any good places to go on vacation?”

2. “Know any good economists?”

1. “Would it be OK if I took all the credit for this war, even though I voted against every measure to make it succeed?”