Another guest submission from Whodat!

We have all had summers to remember…
We have all had summers to forget!
But, this summer fo our First Family is
Certainly their worst ever, I bet.

Like promising the kids Disneyworld
Then delivering the back yard only,
Barack promised us the “Summer of
Recovery”. Didn’t happen. Pure baloney!

Things got so bad around the White House.
Michelle say, “Hey, fool, I’m out-a here!”
She took her entourage to Spain without him;
He went to Chicago… to find friends there?

He went on the View. Biden, too. They
Were lookin for some lovin’ touch;
But, his polls kept sinkin’, cause the
Economy be stinkin’, still sinkin’ too much!

Then, he say, “That mosque is O.K. cause
We be Americans and they got the right!”
But, next day, with grief comin’ his way, he
Be walkin’ it back cause even Reid be uptight!

So, then, he need ANOTHER vacation! “We
Be like Camelot again with the libs in MA!”
But, now “W” tee-shirts be outselling his
In the “Vineyahd”! He just can’t get away!

Somebody please feel sorry for he who be
So criticized by Fox and Rush and the rest,
But, wait, considering the looming election
This Fall, these times might be his best!