If I hear Barack Hussein Obama blame his predecessor one more time, I might actually vomit. That was soooo 2008. Enough already. We got tired of it then; we’re tired of it now. Mr. Obama: Be a man and own up to your job……that is if you can handle it. (And like Bush or not, he deserves props for laying low and letting the 44th president cowardly and childishly insult him. Even in his own home state.)

The Dems are suffering from some serious amnesia. Did they already forget that they were the ones who took over Congress in ’07? And don’t they create the budgets? (I believe that’s when the economy really took a turn for the worse; but who’s counting?) And isn’t it your buddies Dodd and Frank, Mr. POTUS, who substantially contributed to the housing crash? I think they’re betting on the average voter forgetting. Tell me again how this is one man’s fault?

Put aside your petty name-calling Mr. President. Your term is nearly half over. You’ve not helped the problem; you’ve made it worse. We’re tired of the excuses. It honestly makes you look weak and powerless. We want viable solutions; not finger pointing. Rein in your spending, clean up Congress, listen to the people……and oh, you might want to tell that wife of yours that gallivanting in Spain is not the best PR move at this time. Just sayin’.