Jason’s post about how the GOP could potential come up short and the list that comes with it shows how much the Republican Party has to navigate to live up to expectations for the fall elections.

One point that specifically seems to be the focus for an offensive is reason number five: “Don’t under estimate the Democratic Internet Advantage.”

Here’s how they are addressing it:

Remember November is a web page, a Facebook group, and a twitter feed with a great approach and a target on issues which is more likely to appeal to moderates. Or at least a moderate like me.

The three main thrusts on “Remember November” are listed as “Reduce the Debt,” “Restore the Balance,” and “End the Corruption.” Fiscal conservatives, small government types, and moderates from both parties who feel marginalized by their more extreme colleagues all seem to be the voters being targeted by this group.

The intro video for “Remember November” has a simple message, one that does not directly attack Obama, Pelosi, Reid, or the Democratic Party. The video simply asks that you remember that 11/2 is Election Day, and that you should vote.

Absent from the video and absent from the three targets of the website are almost anything in the way of negatives, and almost anything regarding social issues.

“Remember November” is an arrow from the bow of the political Cupid, and that arrow is aimed right at the heart of the independent voter.