We are less than 100 days from the 2010 mid-terms. I know you’re all on pins and needles about it! I’m sure November 3rd, the day after the election, all the of the talking heads will REALLY start speculating who will run in the 2012 election for President, and we can pin and needle some more. I’m actually waiting to see who will be crazy enough to announce that day that they are running for POTUS. Insanity all around, especially when there is a White House on the line.

The way we elect our presidents is and has been the cause of much talk and chatter for many years, most recently in the 2000 election between George W Bush and Al Gore. (You can insert your own jokes/insults/witty quips about these two in the comments, and you really should, I need a laugh today). Was he elected, or selected and is the electoral college system to blame? Some say yes it is, most say it is not.

The Commonwealth of Taxachusetts Massachusetts has come up with a solution to the whole electoral college “problem”. They want to wait and see who the winner of the popular vote is nationally, then award their electoral college votes to that winner. There are a handful of other states that support this idea as well.

The problem with this is this whole effort is that it kind of treads on the feet of Federal law, and we know the Department of Justice does not like to have its feet tread upon. The other thing is that changing how we elect our presidents, in my understanding, would require a Constitutional Amendment. If Massachusetts wants to change the process they need to propose an amendment and go thru the process or leave it alone.

All this said, however, it would be funny if, after the popular vote, the nation elected a conservative Republican and the Commonwealth had to give their votes to an elephant instead of a donkey?