Senator Graham has never been a conservative darling and folks like Glenn Beck have been taking their shots for a long time. But why go out of your way to pick a fight with the only political movement generating energy right now? Even if you think the Tea Party movement isn’t sustainable, why say it out loud and make yourself an even bigger enemy? Is Graham stupid or just sloppy?

Graham: Tea Party ‘unsustainable’

Sen. Lindsey Graham says the Tea Party movement is ‘unsustainable.’

(CNN) – Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is frequently at odds with conservative activists in his own state, predicts the Tea Party movement will eventually “die out” despite the political energy it’s generating during this midterm election year.

In an interview with the New York Times Magazine posted online Thursday, the South Carolina Republican lamented the state of his party and doubted whether the Tea Party movement will survive.

“The problem with the Tea Party, I think it’s just unsustainable because they can never come up with a coherent vision for governing the country,” Graham told the magazine, recounting his private meetings with members of the movement. “It will die out.”

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