Someone forwarded me the results of this shocking poll from Ron Paul’s official website this morning:

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

* Yes. (94%, 12,878 Votes)
* No. (3%, 451 Votes)
* I don’t know. (1%, 127 Votes)
* It depends. (explain below) (2%, 213 Votes)

Total Voters: 13,669

Come on people, that’s like asking Cleveland Cavalier fans if they think LeBron should return to Cavs.

Or asking Whodat fans if they think he should publish an anthology of his best poems.


  • Red State Eddio

    Officially: No. Yes. and H— Yes!

  • boru

    The 3% that voted No didn’t like the wording of the question. They already consider Ron Paul to be the President, so the question should be:

    “Should Ron Paul run for re-election in 2012?”

    And, of course, the answer is Yes.

  • Whodat

    To the Ron Paul faithfull, the poll surely makes perfect sense – and, proves a point. And remember, if a Libertarian gets 2% of the vote in any election, that proves a point. Whatever…

    Now, concerning my poetry, if BOTH of the Whodat poetry devotees would e-mail Jason and ask him to compile such an anthology, I am certain he would if he thought he could charge you for it… I, however, have not kept copies on the advice of both counsel and counselor.

  • Troy La Mana

    Why the Paul bash when you know a poll on any other candidate site would be the same?

    I would think you would just laugh it off without even posting it.

    • Jason Wright, Editor

      Thicken your skin, Troy. That’s hardly a Paul Bash. And you’re right, the poll would be the same on any other candidate site, but none of the others would post such a poll.

      • Troy La Mana

        I just don’t get the point is all.

  • Brian H

    I am SHOCKED by this poll! I can’t believe that there are 3% of Paul website visitors who would say “No” to him running. Amazing.

  • David Kaiser, Editor

    Or asking Jason’s wife if she likes the Christmas beard…