That’s certainly the impression this Politico article gives you.

Politico reports that Barbour has “socked away hundreds of thousands of dollars this year alone” in several political action committees. It also reports that Barbour had a DC fundraiser for his PAC last night “boasting a host committee that reads like a next-generation GOP bundling and campaign dream.”

While the article is very positive it also points out that Haley’s strength is also his weakness:

“His numerous connections to K Street and Washington’s professional political class could give him an instant and perhaps unrivaled fundraising and campaign base should he decide to pursue the GOP nomination after he is term-limited out of the governor’s office in January 2012. But they also would almost surely be a serious liability if the anti-corporate, anti-Washington, anti-establishment climate currently unsettling the political landscape lingers beyond the 2010 midterm elections.”

It’s a good point. I wonder how the tea partiers feel about Haley?