A few weeks ago, Alaina commented on the “YouCut” program here.

To recap: the GOP introduces one of five spending cuts each week. The American people vote on which of the five options should be introduced.

Like a good little citizen I have dutifully placed my vote each week. Since votes are placed by email, I get a neat little form letter from Eric Cantor’s office regarding the vote. The past few weeks I have been disgusted as proposal after proposal has been defeated along party lines. This week, however, I have hope! No, the proposed spending cut to sell excess Federal lands did not pass. However, a smaller proposal was introduced by the President.

According to House Whip Eric Cantor “after this week’s YouCut proposal was unveiled to save $15 billion by selling excess federal property, President Obama announced his own version that would save $3 billion. The Majority recently called all of their committee chairmen together and told them they had to start finding ways to save money. A Capitol Hill newspaper cited YouCut as prompting the request!”

With enough pressure will members of Congress start listening to their constituency? Hope springs eternal!

Read Eric Cantor’s full letter.