A Politico article is titled, “Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney win big in kingmaking states.” The article points out that Palin and Romney both endorsed Nikki Haley in South Carolina and former Governor Terry Branstad in Iowa, while Mike Huckabee endorsed other candidates.

“If Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney decide to run for president in 2012, they’ll have some powerful friends in the early states that are key to winning the GOP nomination.

“Mike Huckabee? Not so much.”

I was interested to see that Romney endorsed both candidates early. I had noticed in a couple of other races that Romney’s endorsement came once the races were pretty much decided. The article quotes SC GOP Chairman Katon Dawson as saying:

“Romney backed Nikki (Haley) when she was at seven percent in the polls and gave her credibility.”

I don’t agree with Politico’s conclusion that the fact that “Iowa Republicans preferred a more moderate conservative over a harder right Christian conservative” necessarily hurts Huckabee in the state. Caucuses are a much different animal than primaries.

The article notes that in both of these races, Romney endorsed earlier than Palin. But it concludes with GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli saying, “Palin is still the hottest endorsement for Republicans in contested primaries.”