Firing Gerry


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Long time readers of this space know very well there is no love lost between me and my sorry excuse for a Congressman. I currently have the misfortune of being represented by the (less than) honorable Gerry Connolly (D-VA). In the 2008 election cycle he stapled himself to The One’s coat tails and has been busy embarrassing Virginia’s 11th Congressional District ever since.

The Framers designed the House of Representatives to be very responsive to the will and opinions of the electorate. This is why they stand for elections every two years. One would think with today’s modern communication technology, a US Congressman would be fairly reachable. One would also think a Congressman whose district lies less than an hour’s commute from the US Capitol would hold regular and recurring meetings with those voters he endeavors to represent. In both cases, one would be very disappointed.

Since taking office , Gerry Connolly has held one – only one – “town hall” meeting of which I was made aware. Remember, this isn’t a guy who has to travel very far to return to his district. This singular town hall meeting was held in a gated community where only residents or their “guests” could attend. Other than this, Gerry has been pretty much missing in action.

connolly - milk carton

That’s understandable. He’s been very busy pushing the Obama agenda and marching in lockstep with The Pelosi. He voted in favor of Cap & Tax and also voted to fund most if not all of the Wall Street and car company bailouts. He not only voted in favor of Obamacare, he co-sponsored the bill. If he were any closer to The Pelosi, they’d be the same person.


This weekend, Gerry surfaced with an email and robocall communiqué trumpeting his “break” with his party after he voted against a $115 billion spending bill because it would “add to the deficit”. I read this and I almost fell over. Remember Gerry has voted for programs which will cost this nation trillions of dollars for longer than he will walk the earth. Voting against a $115 billion spending bill is like taking three French fries out of a McDonald’s extra large double quarter pounder value meal and calling it a diet plate.

So this morning I went to my local middle school and cast my vote in the Republican primary. I voted for Keith Fimian. I have met this man and find him to be a hard working entrepreneur who is as concerned about the direction of this nation as I am. He says, and I believe him, that he is not going to Washington to get along with the entrenched establishment. He is going there to “break china”. I, for one, am no longer interested in getting along with a democratic party which I firmly believe no longer has the best interests of this nation at its primary value. I voted for him despite my being a true blue Denver Broncos fan and Keith having played a few seasons for the Cleveland Browns. Feathers need to be ruffled. Pansy congresscritters need to be offended. I believe Keith Fimian will do exactly that.

So, my vote is cast. I sincerely hope it is the first of many in an effort to fire a truly pathetic congressman who better represents California’s Bay Area than he does Virginia’s Fairfax and Prince William counties. Come November, I want Keith Fimian to unceremoniously fire Gerry Connolly.