An article that ran in the Wall Street Journal last Friday titled “Tea Parties vs. Unions in November” (written by John Fund) articulates the 2 strongest, or at least the two loudest political ideologies at work in our nation. It would seem that our political boundries are no longer Democrat vs. Republican, but instead Small Government vs. Large Government.

On the surface it looks to be the same thing, but politics as usual can no longer be defined in terms of donkeys and elephants. Fund makes the argument that both parties are gaining advantages in the political game through the rise in power of both unions and the Tea Party.

Elections this month have enhanced the political clout of two groups widely separated on the political spectrum. The tea party movement stands to play an outsize role in the fall elections now that outsider Rand Paul has swept Kentucky’s GOP Senate primary, while unions provided the muscle for Democrats to win a key special election in Pennsylvania…

You can expect friction between tea party activists and union members in coming months.

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Fund delves into the questions of fair play in media coverage, and the disgusting display of SEIU protesting at private residences in an exercise in intimidation. But interesting is the thought created in the readers mind, that perhaps we are seeing the rise of a new 2-party system.