When Chris Christie defeated incumbent Democratic Governor Jon Corzine this year, I really didn’t think it was much more than the typical snap-back that occurs after the first year of a new president.

New Jersey is in as dire a fiscal condition as any government this side of Greecafornia, and the new governor wasted little time in trying to fix the problems. In doing so, Christie has taken an approach that virtually no politician will dare to take – instead of basing decisions on what will give him the best chance at getting reelected, he’s making difficult decisions and actually doing his job.

What a concept!

Who knows if it will work. And New Jersey, unlike its neighbor to the west Pennsylvania, has a history of voting out governors they are not happy with. In a few years, Christie could be just another flame out.

But if he can get this budget passed, and he can bring New Jersey back from the brink of fiscal ruin, maybe, just maybe, a new political playbook will be written.

I’m going to sit back with some popcorn and enjoy.