The specter of Specter


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Within a month, Dem challenger Joe Sestak has closed the gap on Arlen Specter’s bid to continue receiving life support from the US Senate. Back on April 5th, Sestak trailed 46-27%. Since then, he has blazed an upward trajectory to where he is now the favored candidate from multiple polls with less than a week to go. Primaries are next Tuesday, May 18th.

Has he peaked early, or just at the right time? We’ll see. The only way Specter can save his sorry behind for the general election is by getting out the Philadelphia vote, where he first entered the scene as a DA in 1879–or some year shortly after that. But despite the endorsements, enthusiasm is not running high to charge out the door and punch a chad for Arlen.

pat+toomeyBoth candidates trail Pat Toomey, the Republican candidate, by anywhere from 6-12 points.

The key question is whether or not Sestak or Specter will be a tougher opponent for Toomey come November. I tend towards Sestak creating a tougher climate due to his Navy creds and experience. But you can never count out Freddie Krueger, I mean Arlen Specter when it comes to closing out an election.

They could be counting primary votes on Memorial Day, if it goes as tight as pollsters are now predicting.