As soon as the news broke that there was an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, British Petroleum (BP) became the Goldman Sachs of the oil industry.  Politicians immediately called for them to be hung, drawn and quartered and the US cease off shore drilling.  Even though we do not yet know what caused the rig to explode, the media, Democrats, RINOs and, yes, the President were quick to call BP onto the carpet.

Let’s look at the facts, shall we?  BP does in fact own the well that is spewing oil into the Gulf, but they do not own the equipment used or even employee the people who work on the rig.  Transocean, the world’s largest off-shore driller, owns the equipment, employs the people and is responsible for implementing safety protocols on the rig.  There have been questions as to why the blowout protectors (BOP), which are designed to prevent this exact scenario from occurring, did not work.  If there were defects in the BOPs, does it not seem logical that Cameron International Corp is to blame, at least in part?  How about Halliburton?  They were cementing the casing of the wells to stabilize the pipes and prevent them from leaking or breaking as early as 20 hours prior to the explosion, however, Halliburton reportedly has testing to prove that they did their job correctly.  Could the government be to blame?  According to the Wall Street Journal, MMS (Minerals Management Service), the US agency responsible for oversight of US offshore drilling, decreased the inspections of offshore rigs by 41% between 2005 and 2009.

Doug Thornell, a spokesman for Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), said the following:

It’s unconscionable that Washington Republicans are rushing to defend Big Oil, who is responsible for the spill and clean-up, and playing politics while oil continues to pump into the Gulf. But it’s not really surprising since the GOP has been doing Big Oil’s bidding for years, keeping our country dependent on petro-dictators who fund terrorism—and reducing a crucial policy debate down to chants of ‘drill, baby drill.’

This, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is a typical liberal response.  It sounds good on the surface, but upon closer examination is full of holes.

Let’s take his first sentence regarding Republicans rushing to defend Big Oil, “who is responsible for the spill.”  As stated above, BP seems to be the least likely culprit since they are merely the owners of the well and utilize subcontractors to supply the equipment and manpower.  Are the Republican guilty of rushing to defend Big Oil or are the Democrats guilty of rushing to vilify them?

Mr. Thornell’s second sentence states that Republicans are guilty of “keeping our country dependent on petro-dictators who fund terrorism—and reducing a crucial policy debate down to chants of ‘drill, baby drill.'”  I really can’t make sense of that statement.  If the goal is to decrease our dependency on foreign oil, then how exactly is drilling in our own backyard keeping us dependent on ‘petro-dictators?’  It seems as those who try to prohibit offshore drilling are actually the ones who are trying to keep us dependent on dictators and, indirectly, are funding terrorism.

When considering our offshore drilling options, it’s important to note that we only own the waters 3 miles past our shorelines.  In other words, 3.01 miles past our shorelines, we could soon be looking at oil rigs own by Russia, China, Venezuela or any other country.  If we’re serious about reducing our dependency on foreign oil, we need to drill if for no other reason than someone else will, to prevent our enemies and creditor (i.e. China), from increasing their power over oil and decreasing ours.

Statement’s like Mr. Thornell’s show that most politicians have a complete lack of understanding and perspective.  The same rings true for the media.  Their job is to present facts to the people and undercover information, but with all the coverage of the oil spill, there has been very little coverage of the other companies involved.

So who is politiczing the oil spill?  The ones who are waiting on the facts before they judge or those who are using the spill as a way to demonize the oil industry and promote their agenda to stop offshore drilling?  You be the judge.