Tip O’Neil’s famous quote is a good barometer to measure the issue of illegal immigration. Up here in the great commonwealth of PA, we do not have anywhere close to the degree of issues that Arizonians face, at least not in my neck of the woods. So for me to render judgment upon the recent law in AZ by using my own local yardstick of experience would be a bit unreasonable. I simply do not face the same issues they do, from organized crime, health care, social services, etc. I’d need to know why the need for a law is so critical; that would be a job for the citizens of AZ to share.

They key thing is this: I think Arizonians need to speak up as to why they needed to craft and frame the law the way they did. Frankly, regardless of whether or not AZ was right to do this, they are getting creamed in the PR battle. People with agendas are successfully painting them as racists, which is a shame, because it tosses out any chance to dialogue about safety and security being just as important as encouraging legal immigration.

To that end, this video starts to shed light upon why they needed to do what they did.

After watching it, it helps make the case on 2 levels: 1) This is necessary for them to take matters into their own hand because the Feds WILL NOT do what is explicitly written into the constitution as their responsibility, and 2) DC is even more out of touch than we fear.