A few weeks ago, while in the Capitol City, during our mothly trip to the big box retail gods (for one must render unto Walmart that which is Walmart’s and so on…), we saw a car covered front to back, side to side in bumper stickers. In fact there was not one inch of unstickerd space on this car. Sadly I did not have my camera, but it did look similar to this:

bumper sticker car

There are a lot of these types of cars in Santa Fe — or that is to say, the ‘bumper sticker mentality’ is pervasive here. American Elephants had some good thoughts on the “Liberal Bumper Sticker Mentality:

“…this bumper-sticker mentality pervades the left. It betrays the emotionalism that is the foundation of their ideology. That their slogans are so demonstrably wrong is unimportant — that they sound good is all that matters.

Outside the Frame (few years ago) called it The Great Bumper Sticker Debate. The author had this to say:

Why is it that extremely liberal people use bumper sticker’s to sway political opinion? Is it to convince me that I have been wrong all these years for not hugging trees, not voting for John Kerry, driving a SUV, eating meat, living in a conditioned environment, wearing leather, disbelieving in global warming, and for supporting the war on terror? Call me crazy but this type of propaganda has never worked on me. I’m partial to candidates and platforms being explained objectively and in a forum that warrants equal time so that I may draw my own conclusions from the information presented. I don’t care that you support gay marriage as long as you’re cool that I don’t. Do we really need a bumper sticker to make these assertions?

I’m not sure why people do this, but I have a theory. People that do this are either 16, and have just inherited the family clunker car and feel the need to really make it their own, or they are very frustrated with the ‘state of the nation’ and feel compelled to express that in a bumper sticker.

The guy I saw must have been ready to pop at one point. But now that things are hopey and changey, I’m sure he’s better. The other thing is, they usually drive Subarus and these Subarus belch out copious amounts of blue smoke. (Which is really funny if the bumper stickers have a “green” theme).

I’m all for the freedom of expression, but seriously, bumper stickers? I’d opt for the bathtub Mary’s:

Bumper sticker car 7