It’s rather unlikely, and the chances that someone could beat a sitting President for their party’s nomination is even more unlikely.

But if the GOP rides the current momentum into the November mid-terms and takes a boat load of governor’s mansions and either takes the House or Senate, we are looking at an administration in dire straits.

Again though, it seems inconceivable that anyone would have the cachet and desire to take on Obama and pose a serious threat. Only a handful of people could do it.

Only one strikes me as having the cajones to do it:

Hillary Clinton.

Before you blow me off, hear me out and listen to this scenario:

Jobless rates continue to rise, despite a strong performance on the stock market. The Obama Administration rams a financial reform bill through. The GOP, on the back of an anti-Obama/Reid/Pelosi surge, wins back the House and comes close in the Senate. Public opinion polls have President Obama at below a 35% approval rating.

The day after election day, just as the GOP is trumpeting their victories and the dozen or so potential Republican presidential candidate candidates for 2012 are looking at White House china patterns, Hillary Clinton drops the big one.

She resigns as Secretary of State because she cannot work for a President who does not represent the people. She talks about a budget surplus during her husband’s administration, and how she has worked with Democrats and Republicans alike during her time in the Senate. She talks about all of the strides she’s made in building American’s reputation around the world.

She talks about hope and while its great, hope with no results gives you nothing.

She talks about doing it better.

Instantly the story is not the GOP’s return from minority status to Hillary versus Obama II. It’s like Rocky and Apollo Creed at it again. The media frenzy would be like no other, and all the Republicans can do is sit and watch and wonder where the heck their time in the media cycle went.

Sure it’s fiction.

But it’s darned entertaining fiction.