How much is enough?


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Yesterday, Quincy, Illinois served as the latest stop on The One’s perpetual campaign trail. He believes that if he talks often and long enough, the words which he reads from his TelePrompTer will somehow morph into reality and suddenly all of America will start to chant “Yes We Can”.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have to live in this strange world commonly referred to as “reality”.

During his canned stump speech, The One took a risk and unplugged himself from the TelePrompTer and spoke “off the cuff” for a few minutes about his effort to reform the way Wall Street does business. I’ll omit – for the sake of brevity – a discussion regarding The One’s non understanding of basic business principles.

Here’s a taste of The One’s off Prompter remarks:

You might want to rewind the last ten seconds of that clip to make sure you heard him right. Yep, you heard him right. The One believes that

at a certain point, you’ve made enough money.

Thomas Jefferson and 55 other brave men boldly declared that the “pursuit of happiness” was an inalienable right endowed to all people by their Creator. It goes without saying that one man’s pursuit of happiness is not necessarily the same as another’s.

So, dear reader, what happens if your personal “pursuit of happiness” involves living in a huge house, driving a fast car, and having a yacht the size of a WW II destroyer? Say in order to pursue the form of happiness, you go off and get an excellent education and acquiring a skill set which happens to be in high demand in the market place? Well, we already know that Barack Obama values the public sector over the private sector, so you’ve already run afoul of his plan. If you are fortunate enough to be well compensated for your work product and, heaven forbid – be profitable – you’ll be considered a Wall Street Fat Cat and be subject to endless public (virtual) flogging by all branches of government. You’ll be chastised by the media as one who is taking “more than their fair share”. You’ll also be taxed at a confiscatory rate.

All this because, as far as The One is concerned, “you’ve made enough money”.

This comes from a man who has never held a real job in his life, yet for some reason known but to himself, he believes himself to be The One who should decide exactly how far your pursuit of happiness should be allowed to go.

I’ve often referred to John Wayne’s soliloquy about why he loved this republic. He saw it as a place where

A people can live free, talk free, go or come, buy or sell, be drunk or sober – however they choose.

Obama’s declaration that he knows when someone has made enough money violates so many tenets of this Republic, I know not where to beging. I’ll just say this: I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really, really, really tired hearing The One tell me what I can no longer do.

Memo to The One: With all due respect (however much that may or most likely may not be) Mr. Obama, I’ll be the one to decide when I’ve “made enough money”. Maybe if you’d stop shoveling it all down the proverbial rat hole, there might be enough for me to buy an In-N-Out Double-Double. Then again, that would violate your fiat declaring that “we can’t eat as much as we want”. End Memo.


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  • kristen

    So, is he going to tell his Hollywood buddies that they “make enough”? Or how about professional athletes? Cause that will go down real well….

  • Liz

    Oh, and it is the first time we’ve seen this level of corruption in this country. It’s the norm in other dictatorships.

    • Christopher Nutter

      I’m assuming you’ve never heard of the Teapot Dome scandal. You should look it up… you’ll find that Harding had the most corrupt administration of all US Presidents; though a good argument could be made for Nixon’s also.

      • Brian H

        Corrupt….maybe not.
        Inept….without a doubt.

  • Liz

    This guy isn’t opposed to number 1 having all the money and all the control. That’s him. He just doesn’t want anyone else with the same privileges. He fancies himself king.

    Setting himself and his ideologue friends up sweet like with the CCX and forcing the herds of Americans to deposit their wealth into it for his benefit is criminal. Obama is a crook, whether he acknowledges it or not. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this level of corruption, hopefully it’s the last.

  • Boru

    Good one.

  • Boru

    This morning, I heard this quote about Obama’s money comment:

    “Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.”

    Ayn Rand

    If you guys haven’t read some Ayn Rand, you are really missing out. Frankly, I recommend her non-fiction works as she gets to the point much quicker…but Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead (both fictional) are great reads too as they really drive the point home.

    • Brian H

      Fransisco d’Anconia’s famous money speech…..classic.

  • Brian H

    uh…uh… think at a certain point you’ve SPENT enough money, Mr. President.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    As soon as Jason posted that add on Craigs List, I knew this is what we’d get, three liberal pundits and 14 empty pickle jars free to a good home.

    • pdiddy

      ha!!! favorite comment ever at pd!!

  • Gil Rice

    If this doesn’t disturb the Nut, then he obviously has made his “enough”, and has it hoarded offshore somewhere the One can’t find it.And another question; how did a flaming liberal, so far to the left his address must be past Hawaii, even find this web site. The aptly named one had to be led here by an un-named source. They aren’t smart enough to find this on their own!!!!!

    • Christopher Nutter


      I’ll tell you the thrilling story.

      You’re right about one thing; I am a passionate advocate of hard-left politics. You’re wrong to call me a “liberal” though. I didn’t vote for Obama, I don’t support him, and I don’t think he goes far enough in meeting the needs of real working class Americans. Someone else called me a contrarian; that’s not strictly true, though I do disagree with the majority of this site’s most frequent contributors.

      I responded to an advertisement looking for unpaid contributors. They didn’t ask about my politics; they decided to let me post as a contributor on the basis of a writing sample. I didn’t expect Political Derby to be a bastion for right wing extremism, but I’m not opposed to representing my views in a hostile forum.

      • Brian H

        Your voice and perspective has been a much needed contribution to this website. I appreciate your willingness to partake in these discussions and to take the heat that you do in defense of your perspective. I also appreciate your honesty in referring to yourself as a “nutter”….just kidding.

        We were polled by the PD leadership team and I believe most of us probably stated a desire to have more diverse opinions in the mix…..cant complain now if we are getting what we asked for.

        I don’t believe that PD is a “forum of right wing extremism”. That is not a fair statement. I, and others, have been called out by the PD leadership for going over the top at times in our rhetoric, but it is all in keeping with a civil forum of debate. I also think it is unfair to refer this as a “hostile forum”. Yes, most of us who share our views in PD are to the right of center on most issues, which is why when asked we said WE wanted more liberal perspectives. Also. Hostile? I can only imagine the level of abuse we would receive if we, as conservatives, attempted to share our views in a more liberal community…..WOW!!! That would be ugly.

        Anyhow…….keep up the good work. I appreciate being able to tell you how foolish and wrong you are. Thanks for your contribution.

        • David Kaiser, Editor

          I, for one, am quite glad Mr. Nutter is here, so I can get you guys to stop calling me a liberal!

          Here’s hoping he lasts longer than our last lefty, Mr. Keegan!

          • Brian H

            Funny, David. Nutter has done much to move your street cred to the right.

            I appreciate Nutters opinions. All respectable polling data shows that Nutter’s positions and opinions are shared by a whopping 20% of the populace who identify themselves as being “liberal”.

          • Mrs Rusty Shackleford

            LOL David Nearly spewed dr pepper on the computer.

      • Neil Braithwaite

        Are you the Christopher Nutter of:

        • David Kaiser, Editor

          That’s a wee bit tasteless.

          • Neil Braithwaite

            Sorry David – not sure what your implications are with that remark – unless you believe that being a homosexual is somehow wrong and tasteless.

            I was doing some research on Mr. Nutter, and since he must be a writer of some kind, I Googled his name. The link is for a writer of the same name. Since his name is not very common, I asked a simple question.

            Any ‘tasteless’ implications in this case are purely subjective.

            If I have offended Mr. Nutter or anyone else on PD – I apologize.

            • David Kaiser, Editor

              Sorry Neil, just seemed a little convenient or a veiled shot at C-Nutt.

              I’ll take you at your word that it was just curiosity!

              • Neil Braithwaite

                In retrospect – I should have just asked Christopher if he was ‘Christopher “Lee” Nutter’ instead of attaching the link. (But that would have required an extra semester of sensitivity training on my part) The book looked rather compelling BTW. If I bought it I’d have to read it in my closet. Again – my sincere apologies to C-Nutt and all PD contributors.

        • Christopher Nutter

          No… my full name is actually Christopher Kelly Michael James Nutter… I was the first boy in the family and every extended relative wanted a piece of the middle name…

          I’m on a public computer now, so I’ll check out that link and, judging from Mr. Kaiser’s remark, be disgusted later.

  • Boru

    This coming from a guy making a bazillion dollars by helping install the multi-trillion carbon credit scam.

  • Boru

    Watching politicians are more like watching the UFC wrestling.

    I admire the abilities of the actors, but nowadays, most stuff at the major events are just scripted.

    I guess that would make Ron Paul the Dan “the Beast” Severn of the UFC. Dan’s a real fighter, thus isn’t in the UFC script, thus barred from the UFC a long time ago. At the age of 51, Dan is still competing (and winning) at the national level! He da man.

  • Christopher Nutter

    This doesn’t disturb me in the slightest.

    I’m interested to know what Obama said exactly after that… not that I would accuse a rabid right-winger of posting a 31 second clip to get something inflammatory out of context; it’s just I don’t think having the clip end in mid-sentence gives us a full picture.

    • Cordeiro

      Ahem, Mr. Nutter. I’ve had all my shots therefore I cannot by defnintion be referred to as “rabid”.

      The problem with trying to select a clip from any speech given by The One is the fact that his sentences can ramble on for several paragraphs before he eventually arrives at whatever point he was trying to make. Seriously, The One gives a 17 minute answer to a one sentence question about tax rates.

      I’ve actually seen a clip of most of the speech and believe me, context would not have made this clip sound any less condescending than it already was.

    • pdiddy

      contrarian much? all you seem to do is disagree with people here

    • Brian H

      Nutter. The thing that made this soundbite so interesting is the fact that it was not part of his prepared remarks in context with his speech. This was another moment of clarity where our Dear Leader interjected his true feelings in the middle of his prepared remarks.

  • kristen

    This is taking his so-called “Messianic” role too seriously. Who is he to tell someone that he’s made enough money? And how much is enough? Unbelievable. I honestly have a hard time believing this guy was a Constitutional scholar. (Constitution of another country maybe?!)

    I’m thinking of a word: It starts with an “M” and ends with “arxism”.

  • Red State Eddio

    A reporter once asked John D. Rockefeller: “How much money is enough?”
    His answer: “Just a little bit more.”
    The Obawan’s answer: “Just a little bit less.”

    The irony is, the Obawan desperately needs everyone to make as much as humanly possible in order to pay for his Swedish smorgasbord-style of utopia. If he pounds the money makers into oblivion (or off-shore), the only people left are all the recipients of said largesse. All that’s left at that point is a shell of a once great country.

    Off-teleprompter: Cord, you’ve not eaten till you’ve had the large bacon cheeseburger w/the works from Five Guys–with a side of Idaho fries. Mm–mm–mmm…

    • Cordeiro

      In that case, I’ve “eaten” several times. However, Five Guys, though very good, is not In-N-Out.

      • Brian H

        Being from Texas I have no idea what you are talking about. When I strolled across the blurb that talked about eating Five Guys as compared to the In-N-Out I thought I had accidently stumbled into the wrong website.

        ….I think I’ll stick to Burger King and McDonalds.

      • David Kaiser, Editor

        So with you on that one Cordon Bleu!

        In and Out rocks.