How much is enough?


Filed Under Obama News, Policy on Apr 29 

Yesterday, Quincy, Illinois served as the latest stop on The One’s perpetual campaign trail. He believes that if he talks often and long enough, the words which he reads from his TelePrompTer will somehow morph into reality and suddenly all of America will start to chant “Yes We Can”.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have to live in this strange world commonly referred to as “reality”.

During his canned stump speech, The One took a risk and unplugged himself from the TelePrompTer and spoke “off the cuff” for a few minutes about his effort to reform the way Wall Street does business. I’ll omit – for the sake of brevity – a discussion regarding The One’s non understanding of basic business principles.

Here’s a taste of The One’s off Prompter remarks:

You might want to rewind the last ten seconds of that clip to make sure you heard him right. Yep, you heard him right. The One believes that

at a certain point, you’ve made enough money.

Thomas Jefferson and 55 other brave men boldly declared that the “pursuit of happiness” was an inalienable right endowed to all people by their Creator. It goes without saying that one man’s pursuit of happiness is not necessarily the same as another’s.

So, dear reader, what happens if your personal “pursuit of happiness” involves living in a huge house, driving a fast car, and having a yacht the size of a WW II destroyer? Say in order to pursue the form of happiness, you go off and get an excellent education and acquiring a skill set which happens to be in high demand in the market place? Well, we already know that Barack Obama values the public sector over the private sector, so you’ve already run afoul of his plan. If you are fortunate enough to be well compensated for your work product and, heaven forbid – be profitable – you’ll be considered a Wall Street Fat Cat and be subject to endless public (virtual) flogging by all branches of government. You’ll be chastised by the media as one who is taking “more than their fair share”. You’ll also be taxed at a confiscatory rate.

All this because, as far as The One is concerned, “you’ve made enough money”.

This comes from a man who has never held a real job in his life, yet for some reason known but to himself, he believes himself to be The One who should decide exactly how far your pursuit of happiness should be allowed to go.

I’ve often referred to John Wayne’s soliloquy about why he loved this republic. He saw it as a place where

A people can live free, talk free, go or come, buy or sell, be drunk or sober – however they choose.

Obama’s declaration that he knows when someone has made enough money violates so many tenets of this Republic, I know not where to beging. I’ll just say this: I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really, really, really tired hearing The One tell me what I can no longer do.

Memo to The One: With all due respect (however much that may or most likely may not be) Mr. Obama, I’ll be the one to decide when I’ve “made enough money”. Maybe if you’d stop shoveling it all down the proverbial rat hole, there might be enough for me to buy an In-N-Out Double-Double. Then again, that would violate your fiat declaring that “we can’t eat as much as we want”. End Memo.